Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Leaders of the Left

1) Lawrence O'Donnell
2) Adam Klugman

A required attribute of a true leader is one who speaks the truth. *

Our Leaders-on-the-Left list doubled in size this week with the addition of radio talk-show host Adam Klugman. According to The Blaze he said:

People have been brainwashed by the right into associating Socialism with Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia and not with free, highly successful democratic nations like Norway, Finland and the Belgium.

... I believe it’s time for us to stop making up nice words to describe ourselves so Republicans will tolerate us.

Liberal is not a bad word. And neither is Socialist.

The fact that we’ve completely given up on these ideas demonstrates a defensive mindset that always keeps us on the losing side.

Here is a video Adam has posted at his website. Any surprise his site doesn't list the radio stations that carry him?

Adam's message in this video is as foreign to us as socialism - the taking from the one who earned and giving to the one who slept in. Count us out, but give credit to Adam for trying the truth for a change.

* Correction: A required attribute of a true leader is one who speaks the truth all the time, can be expected to tell the truth, and demands the truth of others.

We lower this standard for liberals in order to praise the few who risk it all to speak the truth just once. It is our way of being tolerant.

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