Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

Interstate 10:

Images shared by FB Comrades:

Friday, May 27, 2016

Meanwhile, at Portland State University

I chose the later of the two options I considered as I listened to this:
1) Comment on every single flawed and multi-flawed sentence and risk bringing down the Internet, or
2) Post without comment.

Comrade Forney told me and Comrade Zhukov, long ago, that Oregon "is where America's youth go to retire."  This scene at Portland State University looks like an Assisted Living Facility for these retired youth.

Not to be too critical of the school.  An alumni is credited for designing the Nike logo.

The 2016 election year is going to be epic.

UPDATED 5.20.16 10pm:

Thank you WRSA for linking, and for adding perspective, depth and this:
 The collision of all of these vectors will be spectacular.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Web Picks Du Jour

English Russia has a photo album of Soviet workplace posters.  This one says "Don't use your fingers to check voltage."  Such good advice, yet their system collapsed anyway. Hmm.

World News Bureau has some campaign poster suggestions for Hillary, Bernie and Trump.  Here is the Trump poster. Spot on, if you ask me.  But if you ask most of my fellow Ohioans, they'll tell this poster isn't "presidential."

Comrade Diogenes correctly suggests voter turnout in the primaries is not necessarily translated into a big win in November.  In other words, "Don't get cocky."  These stats, and explanation, at her site.

And in back-page news, assuming the MSM will say anything at all... Donald J. Trump has secured the necessary votes for the GOP nomination.  He did it by beating an obnoxious (in both numbers and personalities) FIFTEEN other candidates who should have diluted the votes and led to a contested convention.  If California dropped in the ocean before their June 7 primary, he'd still be the nominee.  The nominee, on FB today:

What a great year!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Intellectual Froglegs


A new episode of Intellectual Froglegs. 

Comrade Joe Dan calls out the #NeverTrumpers, the Bitter Cruzingers, and Speaker Paul Ryan.  And he directs fire on target #1: Hillary.  Oh, and Uncle Rico makes an appearance.  25 minutes:

Bedtime for the #NeverTrump Anger Babies from Intellectual Froglegs on Vimeo.

Why hasn't a major network - that wants to be relevant this year - thrown big $$'s at Joe Dan and offered to help him produce a daily Intellectual Froglegs?

Monday, May 23, 2016


Found at Imgur:

It was the comments that inspired this post:
Their food makes me sickle

Can I have a Hammerburger ?

The Big Bourgeoisie never tasted so good.

Happy Meal - Be happy with your meal or else

Here is your ration, fellow comrade. Uphold the socialist ideal

Workers of the world, eat fries!

MarxDonalds: I'm Lenin It

there arent bread lines in america, but there are potato lines

They Berned my sandwich!

In Soviet McDonalds, food eat YOU.

MarxDonalds: I'm redistributing it.

Soviet Power Supreme Fries

Ushanka Comrades on the Net

Comrade Matt Forney has an excellent article at Return of Kings today:  How Donald Trump Is Inspiring A Masculine Renaissance In America.

In addition to predicting a restoration of masculinity and a decline in political correctness from Trump's rise, he also calls out some "sackless losers" among our fellow so-called "conservatives." 

He concludes:
Donald Trump’s shamelessly masculine persona has been a massive boon to the American social fabric. He may not be able to make America great again, but he’s helping make men great again.
I've been thinking the same thing.  I know Trump has inspired my thinking in these areas.  He is showing you, me and Republicans how to fight back and how to inspire - two traits sorely missing in our recent past.  And two traits consistent with successful leaders. 

I'll keep saying it: This is one fun election year!


And it is with sadness in my heart that I share Comrade Clarey's [latest] desperate act, and his GoFundMe request
I'm raising money to compensate me for the pain and suffering I'd endure if I see the new Ghostbusters movie.
Can you help the poor guy out?

Friday, May 20, 2016

Quote of the Day

NRA Chief lobbyist, Chris Cox, at the NRA Convention today:
...on behalf of all of the thousands of people in this room and the five million NRA members across this country and the tens of millions who support us I am officially announcing the NRA’s endorsement of Donald J. Trump for president.
More at GP and CT.

UPDATED 10 minutes later....

The NRA posted Trump's speech.

Women for Trump

Diamond and Silk are the informal leaders of the Trump campaign.  They are funny, and they are engaged.

They represent two core demographics that the Democrat Party has invested heavily in destroyed.

And they are taking it to Hillary.  Here they are yesterday at a Women United 4 Trump event.

2:17 mark:
Just because you are black does not mean you have to vote Democrat baby.  You can get off that Democratic plantation and come on over here to the Republican side.  And make sure you vote for Donald J. Trump.
What an election year.

Women United 4 Trump website

Women you will not see stump'in for Trump:  Dana Loesch, Amanda Carpenter, Diann, Katie Pavlich, The Victory Girls, and other Bitter Cruzingers who hitched their buggy to the wrong horse.

Authentic North Korean Goods

IOTW's MJA found this UPI story.  Apparently authentic North Korean military uniforms and other items are finding their way onto eBay.

I found this Lieutenant Colonel uniform in my own search, for $325 plus shipping from China:

If authentic, one can assume the price has doubled at each step:
The current owner paid $150,
To the exporter who brought it across the Tumen River after paying $75,
From the LTC (or a thief) inside North Korea.
$75 is 4.2% of the North Korean income per capita ($1800), or $2,294 in US terms.

U/T: Comrade MJA

Russian Photos

English Russia has posted over 60 colorized photos from historic Russia.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Newest Trump Tower

A comrade and fellow Trump supporter has built her own Trump Tower - her new chicken coup. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The #Never Masses

The #Never masses: both parties have them.  If I were to predict today, I'd say only the Democrats have something to worry about.

Bernie keeps winning primaries, yet Hillary gets closer to the nomination.  She should get the nomination.  She paid for it.  But the Bernie supporters would disagree.  And they stand on their principles with valuable Liberal Arts degrees, billions in student debt and plenty of unemployed/underemployed time on their hands.  Just yesterday Bernie took Oregon.  Look at the delegate count:

If I were a Bernie supporter, I'd be cross.  And as the net's foremost anti-communist, I will encourage this anger and offer agitation suggestions whenever possible.  You should too!

Watch for flames coming out of the Democrat Convention in Philadelphia in late July.

On the Republican side, the #Never furor is subsiding.  My sense, having plenty of Cruz supporters as FB comrades, is that most have seen the November battle for what it is: a choice for a thousand years of darkness, or that blustering New Yorker that hurt some gal's feelings two decades ago.  In other words, many have resigned themselves to the fact that Cruz didn't, and won't, win the GOP nomination.

Bill Kristol, a previously respected conservative and another casualty of Trump Mania, has created the Renegade Party as part of his #NeverTrump efforts.  After a week, he has only had 2700 join him.  That is a nationwide "movement," and he has the help of the Internet and the MSM.  Can you think of a national movement with that kind of support that would get less than 2700??  I can't.

In honor of Bill Kristol's #NeverTrump efforts, I'd like to share some of my favorite #NeverTrump memes:

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cartoon of the Day

Comrade Branco:

The MSM only has to keep looking for dirt on Trump for another 174 days, which is easier than doing the work of journalists.

Internet Finds

Sorry for the lack of posts.  Too many opportunities over the past few days to spend time with family.

I've kept some of the best links of the past days.  Sharing here.

NDL News: Germany is trying to teach refugees the right way to have sex.  Apparently, Germany has spent $136k on a website to teach their migrants about sex.
After a rash of sexual assaults allegedly committed by suspects including asylum seekers on New Year’s Eve, the Germans have been on a mission to re-educate migrants, especially males, about sexual norms in the West.
NDL shared this image from the website.

Our comrade Stilton, of HopeNChangeCartoons, shared this modified, and arguably more accurate version, on FB:


Two bloggers are calling it quits.  And not because they see things getting better.

The Smallest Minority has a very long post.
My opinion of the Republican party has declined precipitously over the last thirteen years.  As has my opinion of the Democrat party.
I have only read a rare post there, so I do not know the blogger's beliefs or themes.  But I did get a sense this is someone who burned-out in the recent GOP primaries.  I draw this conclusion from this: if Trump is the GOP nominee, and a conservative blogger says he doesn't like the direction things are going.  I am seeing this among FB comrades too, and I am dismissing claims of "I'm out" or "NeverTrump" as premature.  Let's see what these folks have to say after the first Hillary-Trump debate...

Worse: Comrade Ann Barnhardt says she is stepping down.  I have a hard time believing she can keep quiet.  Especially if things decline further as she has predicted.  Ann has has a major impact on me and how I see the current decline.  Her boldness and her 'rightness' were refreshing in the past years.

She shares a quote:  I love G.K. Chesterton’s quote, “A true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”

Then she says this:
I no longer love what is behind me.  I have zero desire to fight for or in any way contribute to the continuance of what used to be called “The United States.”  Burn it.  Burn it to the ground.
I hope she reconsiders - both blogging, and not burning it all to the ground.


WeaponsMan writes about George Zimmerman's attempts to sell the gun he used to defend himself against a thug a few years back.  GunBroker, a gun auction web service, turned down the auction.  As a GunBroker user, I was disappointed to hear this, and I have decided to stop using their service.


Comrade Matt Forney released his second Alt-Right podcast at Right-On
In the second segment, Jared and I discuss Donald Trump’s campaign and how he’s inspired a flowering of dissident thought. We also talk about the economic suffering of poor Whites in America, the recently released new edition of The Color of Crime, this weekend’s AmRen Conference in Nashville, the nature of the alternative right, and much more.

And last, Ann Barnhardt released her Diabolical Narcissim video.  Finally.  It is a three-hour video.  (I've only made it through 15 minutes, so far.)  This has been a major project for over a year for her.  Let's see how long it lasts on YouTube...

U/T: Western Rifle for some of the links above.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Social Justice: The Musical

Comrade Davis Aurini shares on FB:

The Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) are using corporate-embraced political correctness to get co-workers fired for speech they deem insensitive. 

If you want to learn more about this disease and how you can beat it, I recommend Vox Day's SJWs Alway Lie.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I Frick'in Love History

FB C shares.  2 minutes.

Knuckledraggin's Move To TN

Comrade Kenny at Knuckledraggin recently moved from California to Tennessee.  He posted a bunch of observations.  Here are three:
I went to register at the Veteran’s Administration in Bowling Green KY day before yesterday and the GPS steered me to the wrong place. We ended up at the Judicial buildings there and I saw a deputy outside so I got out to ask him for directions. He took the time to look it up on his phone then gave me turn by turn directions and after I thanked him for his kindness he patted me on the back, looked me dead in the eye and thanked me for my service.

Even though Tennessee has open carry, I’ve yet to see a single firearm strapped on anybody’s side.

Every single woman that I’ve held a door open for acknowledges it and thanks me. Every single one.
I made the move from CA to OH seven years ago.  Unlike Kenny, I grew up in the Midwest so I knew what I was coming back to.  I miss the weather and the many cool things about California, but it is better here.

Ideas for the Wall

Joe Dan of Intellectual Froglegs is like Trump.  He's always thinking business.

Today on FB Joe Dan suggested some revenue-producing ideas for Trump's border wall:
1) Make it a National Park, with restaurants and bars.
2) Make the wall transparent, and offer gambling.  People can bet on how far up an attempted illegal alien will get on the other side of the wall.
Commenters offered more:
3) Build a theme park.  Trumpland.
4) Water cannons on the wall.  (Another suggests renting shotguns with beanbag rounds)
5) Slot machines.  To win, you must get three sombreros in a row.
6) Do wall wraps (like car wraps) and display holes in the wall.

Let's ask Vicente Fox for his opinion:

We must be doing the right thing.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Cruz. Another Bad Rash

A week ago I said Glenn Beck was like a bad rash.  Because he just won't go away.

That bad rash has spread to Moses Ted Cruz, who said today. "...if there is a path to victory, we launched this campaign intending to win. The reason we suspended the race last week is with Indiana’s loss I didn’t see a viable path to victory. If that changes, we will certainly respond accordingly."

Bitter Cruzinger, John Hawkins, February 13th

In other words, Cruz thinks he's still in the race for the GOP nomination.  And he thought he could turn a win in Nebraska or West Virginia tonight into a relaunched candidacy.  It was a signal to his loyal supporters in both states to get out the vote. 

A FB exchange, February 17th

I said long ago Cruz's desperate behavior is hurting his reputation for a later run.  It is the behavior of someone who never socialized as a kid (ie. never got his butt kicked for going too far on the playground).  He lacks the common sense that most people have.  That voters have.  This lack of this basic childhood event is one reason why he couldn't connect with voters.  He's that spoiled kid that we never saw on the playground.

Tonight West Virginia and Nebraska handed Ted Cruz primary/caucus losses #'s 37 and 38 out of a total of 50 so far.  (That includes the Colorado and Wyoming primaries that didn't happen.)

Cruz's supporters will tell me tomorrow that he wasn't competing tonight in WV or NE. 

But he was. 

And he lost. 


Cruz.  Another bad rash that won't go away.

U/T: Breitbart

P.S.  At least he beat Kasich this time.

A Cigar, I Shall Have

Three-plus hours of thunderstorms are about to hit the Glorious Hat factory. 

I think I shall grab my book and light a cigar.

Cartoon of the Day

Comrade Andrea Shea-King shared this on FB today. 

A hearty ushanka tip to the cartoonist.

New Podcast!

Comrade Matt Forney has started a podcast for Right-On where he has been publishing his Election 2016 articles.  His podcast is called: This Alt-Right Life.

This first episode is an interview with Comrade Davis Aurini on the topic of Cultural Marxism.

Aurini comes on at the 5:50 mark.  I'm listening now...

Matt's blog.

Aurini's blog.

Monday, May 09, 2016

Internet Finds of the Day

Earl reminds us that the best insult of America's Marxist left is to just quote them:

Speaking of quoting commies, watch West Virginia's primary tomorrow.  The coal miners there remember Hillary's words about putting coal workers out of work.  The expectations: diminished turnout for Democrats, again, and another Trump blow-out, again.

The People's Cube is asking for Lenin facepalm meme ideas

You know it is an election year when you see numerous uses of the ol Hammer and Sickle. 

This one is of a comrade in ... wait for it ... an Apple store.

Instapundit posted this gem today.  Old, yet still spot on.

This cartoonist is the master of his art.  I speak for all of us when I say "we've waited too long for this one."

Images without attribution were pulled from FB.  You know, the social media site that minimized conservative news to make more room for Black Lives Matter and other Marxist, culture-diluting rubbish.