Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Indiana Primary

The Indiana primary is today.  57 delegates are up for grabs.

Will Ted Cruz and John Kasich, candidates with no chance to win the nomination, pull enough delegates away from Trump?  The consensus noise says 'we hope so."  The 'noise' coming from the ant-Trump movement and Bitter Cruzingers - many who are being paid for their opposition.

Here is some of that noise.  First, a whole bunch of pro-Cruz noise!

Weasel Zippers:  Poll: Cruz Has 16pt Lead Over Trump In Indiana…

RedState:  BREAKING: New Game-Changing Poll Shows Ted Cruz CLOBBERING Trump By Double Digits in Indiana!!


Those are the pro-Cruz folks and their opinions on Indiana, specifically, and Trump in general.  As for the pro-Trump opinions, I only have one to share.

I liked Karl Denninger's post after last week's primaries, where Trump won them all, and Kasich took second place in all but one:  Cucks Get Served
Running to block someone else rather than win yourself, which is what Cruz and Kascich announced they were doing recently, just put a transparent announcement on what had been obvious for the last couple of weeks and the voters were having none of it yesterday.  The Dominionist, "I've been anointed by God" Cruz has seen his support evaporate like a fart in the wind and the tactics he has used over the last couple of weeks to try to steal delegates he could not win in an actual vote has not only backfired it has turned into a tincture of hemlock that, if the GOP doesn't step in and put a stop to it, may wind up destroying not just Cruz but the Republican Party itself.

And the winner of the most objective pre-Indiana primary poll analysis goes to Big Fur Hat at IOTW: Indiana Polls All Over the Place- Perhaps Reflecting the Wishes of the Pollsters.  He links to plenty of contradicting poll results.

FB Comrade Ellis shares this:

May the best man win.

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