Sunday, May 01, 2016

Dumped: Apple

When I read that Apple had announced their worst earning ever, losing over $46b in market capitalization, I was reading it on my new Samsung Galaxy S7 phone.  I had replaced my iPhone a week earlier.  In the past year I've lost space to ios upgrades to the point I had to remove photos, then podcasts, to keep it working.

I am typing this on my new Windows 10 PC. I replaced my iMac two weeks ago.

Next week I'll be reading my Kindle books on an Amazon tablet rather than the iPad I use today.

Check my links below.  You'll see I was an Apple fan.  Moreso a Steve Job's fan.  I've been following Apple's decline for a while and my move away from Apple products was not made in haste.

Apple is following the Yahoo! business strategy they started 15 years: 1) Tell everyone you are relevant, and 2) rely on your cash to buy innovation. 

I predict, in 15 years, this will lead to the same problems Yahoo! has now: 1) failure to monetize purchased innovations, 2) be the last choice of consumers, and 3) put the company up for sale, and 4) act surprised when the highest offer comes from The Yellow Pages.

My iPhone, iMac and iPad were getting a bit old - roughly 4-5 years old.  So an upgrade was in order.  But Apple products are no longer premium products.  So why stay?

My early upgrade impressions:
Galaxy S7 - Hardware rocks: wireless charging, MacroSD memory upgrade, camera, fingerprint login.  Software shortcomings: Verizon's and Samsung's forced apps, weather and calendar apps are a step backwards, phone and voicemail are separate apps.  The transition did not go as smooth as I expected, and I'm still early in the learning curve.  (And I'm still happy to be done with the iPhone)

Windows 10 - the best thing about Windows 10 is that it doesn't try to get you to upgrade to Windows 10.  $150 buys me Photoshop and Premiere Elements from Adobe thus replacing photo and video features I had on the Mac.  I was back up and running in a day.

Tablet - I use my iPad for Kindle and Amazon video.  The Amazon tablet, FIRE, does these, and supports android apps, all for $180.
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Fingerprint login not the best idea.