Wednesday, September 09, 2015


Big event today!  But the DC protest against the idiotic Obama-Iran deal was dwarfed by Apple's product announcements instead.

I watched the play-by-play at MacRumors, and I have to say I was not impressed.  Nor was the market.  Guess where on this MW graph the midday Apple event started . . .

The era of Steve Jobs is dead.  It is now typical Moore's Law upgrades to the product line and, of course, the homosexual agenda.

I've been watching Apple's quality go the way of the Democrat Party.  Declining, and banking on follower loyalty to keep momentum alive.

Today I click on any browser link on my iMac and then get to watch a spinning ball.  As if my computer is waiting for my NSA minder to authorize the chosen webpage for viewing.

And I'm unable to buy music on iTunes at the moment.  Step 1: I click "buy" and am prompted to authorize the computer.  Step 2: I authorize the computer, then click "buy."  Step 3: I'm then prompted to authorize the computer.

Apple's software quality control group is saving me boat loads of money!

I'm two months away from trading in my iPhone for an Android phone.  I have done the research for the transition, and I will only be inconvenienced in how I carry over my iTunes music library.  Of course, after today's announcements I will be foregoing a phone charging dock in a color that matches my phone.  Sucks to be me!

And the Apple Watch?  No.  That would be a major downgrade.  I wear something far more impressive on my wrist than that.

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While Apple upstaged the Iran event in DC today, the events do have one thing in common: homosexuality.  Although, Apple's approach is quite trivial and disingenuous as you'd expect from a company led by liberals.  At least those at the Iranian event are approaching the topic in a more serious manner.  (source)

Full Disclosure: This post was typed on a PC laptop.


Today's announcements were a collection of items that Steve Jobs shot down as being outside of the Company's laser focus on innovation. No Steve Jobs = no focus. 

The announcement I would have preferred today: 
We are rolling back MacOS, iTunes and iOS 4 versions each.
Too harsh?

And Drudge gets it:


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