Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursday Evening Cigar

Rocky Patel Sun Grown.

The weather is getting better here in SW Ohio.  I anticipate more cigar posts in the coming days.

I am over half way through Ayn Rand's first book, We The Living.  It is wonderful.

It isn't as gripping as Atlas Shrugged (my all time favorite book) nor The Fountain Head, but I'd blame that more on it being her first book.  It is a semi-autobiography of Ayn's in Soviet Russia 3-4 years after the October Revolution of 1917.  The characters are fictional, but their experiences are similar to the author's.

Try to imagine the destruction a few years into a communist-ruled country that had it pretty good until the communists showed up . . .

The promises didn't come through, and utopia was delayed.  In other words, the hope was wasted, and the change was all for the worse.

The best thing, so far, is that ups and downs people go through during these changes.  The rich are driven into the worst poverty, but some then find opportunities. The revolutionaries are high on the hog when the redistribution is in full force, but then fall out of favor when there are only scraps left. 

We The Living is a sad story.  Very sad.  But it is a window into the destructive power of communist thought.  It should be recommended reading for all high school freshman. 

I'll post more here soon.

U/T:  Comrade J for recommending the book.

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