Monday, September 28, 2015

Comrade Aurini Sends

Comrade Davis Aurini, he who Stares at the World, shared this new song on FB.

Les Brigandes: Le grand remplacement (w/ English subtitles)

You got to give Trump credit.  Three months ago immigration was a non-issue.  His seriousness and his momentum have forced the issue to the front burner - everywhere.  The MSM is in reaction mode, as are career politicians.

He has emboldened many to shed the rot of political correctness and demand that borders be closed.

It is always fun to watch liberal progressive communist tactics fail, but this one will hurt.  Opening borders to accelerate the destruction of Western Civilization will convert the five women above to rape victims and worse.  How will the useful idiot feminists explain that?  Will we then hear how rape is "not all that bad," as we've heard about anti-police behavior within the inner city?  Will the media replace "rape" with a less severe word as they do with every black-on-white attack explained away as "rambunctious youths?"  Will government agencies redefine rape in an attempt to hide the statistics?

I am not sure if it is too late.

I AM sure that, of the GOP candidates, only one is serious about this threat.

And I AM sure that the countries that survive this invasion will be those who man their borders with armed and determined men.

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