Monday, September 07, 2015

My Home Town

Cincinnati has a fireworks festival every Labor Day weekend.  Several Ushanka operatives attended last night.  They all saw the city's unsupervised urban youth.  One may have more to report, so watch for an update to this post.

Our Democrat Mayor, John Cranley:

Our Police Chief, Jeffery Blackwell:

Our Republican Prosecutor, Joseph Deters:

Our citizens, emboldened by the gentlemen above, the President of the United States, and Democrat Party polices of racism and white guilt, courtesy author Colin Flaherty:

My latest article: Cincinnati's Race Problem.

UPDATED 9.9.15 2pm:

Comrade Dimitri just told me that Chief Blackwell was fired today! (warning: pop-up hell):
Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell was fired Wednesday after months of criticism and missteps – a botched anti-crime plan, low morale in the officer ranks and a travel schedule that earned him the nickname “ghost.”
Blackwell’s exit comes amid a sharp increase in shootings and a rise in violent crime.

City crime data from Jan. 1 to Aug. 22, the most recent data available, show serious crimes citywide increased 3 percent from 2014 to 2015. Violent crime is up 3 percent from 2014 to 2015 through Aug. 22, going from 1,462 crimes to 1,511. Shootings have gone from 236 in 2014 to 307 in 2015 – a 30.1 percent increase.

Firing a police chief is a bold move.  I'm impressed.

UPDATED 9.9.15 6pm:

Dimitri was one of the Ushanka operatives in town for the fireworks show.  Here is his report:
Aliosha and I, Dmitri, were enjoying a little fireworks Fireworks a little alcohol beverages, some nice dinner in fancy restaurant, and little nightlife in downtown Cincinnati especially walking through new beautiful park along Ohio River.  Aliosha was having a good time on first visit to Cincinnati downtown let me tell you.  We walked up few blocks passing the national Freedom Center Museum ...a shrine to black suffering and the likely perpetuation of powerful white guilt, and were drawn to the beautiful iconic fountain Fountain of the Genius of Water at Fountain Square on 5’th St., a shrine to workers and farmers.

We continue walking away from the crowded square and passed several policemen and continued north on Vine.  Our goal was to walk seven blocks up just past 12’th St..  About half way and on dark sidewalk we had a half dozen or so youths walk out in front of us full of energy and inner group quasi loud banter.  We were left alone unengaged and unprovoked.  Simple street smarts, we continued walking not stopping for the red lights so to keep distancing ourselves from the loitering group we ran across at the library.  Later we see video from comrade Karl and realize to our surprise – these were the same guys!  Wow that was close call. Aliosha does not want to go back to downtown Cincinnati ever now.

We walked along Vine St. back to housing in trendy OTR district  (Over the Rhine).  I don’t know but ‘trendy’ seems like scary.  Notice the actual storage furniture found in this fashionable fabulous fourth floor loft.  Rhine (OTR) reference back to German immigrant workers who built the neighborhood.

Please forgive drifting story but early in day my bicycle had been stolen there in downtown in OTR while locked to car.  The cable that secured it had been cut with some wire cutting tool.  This was while I carried our bags up to our trendy OTR district loft housing unit and before I could move it into the high security garage.  Ugh!  Black market criminals are alive and well here in Cincinnati OTR.  You might think It’s bad here it’s bad there what’s big deal?   –’s definitely bad THERE



Anonymous said...

I believe the police term for such an occurrence is N.H.I. i.e. No Humans Involved.

Karl said...

I'm sure the police have some excellent terms. If I were a cop, it would wear on me to see victims 8 hours a day, every day.