Friday, September 18, 2015

Trump on 2A

I've been critical about Trump's lack of policy positions on his website.  (One third of the GOP candidates STILL do not have an Issues tab on their websites!!)  Trump just added his second policy position: gun rights.  He doesn't mention repealing the NFA or eliminating the ATF, but he does back CCW Reciprocity.

Frankly, the 2A issue is so important to your comrade Karl here that I'm fine if Trump wants to take some time off to relax.  We've made some incredible progress at the state level during Obama's tenure, and we are overdue for some seriousness at the federal level.

When he gets back in the office I'd like to see him list some more.  Such as:
Education (vouchers)
Debt (immediate default and restructuring)
Energy (open drilling rights everywhere)
Foreign Policy (roll back Russia, contain China, bomb Iran)
Marriage (push a constitutional amendment)
Health Care (repeal ObamaCare and open competition across state lines)
Taxes (a single federal consumption tax)

Trump now has the only score in the Ushanka GOP Rankings worksheet in the Gun Rights column.  The highest possible score is three, and the scores in that column are a tally of support for these three items:
Repeal NFA
Defund and Disband ATF
CCW Reciprocity

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