Sunday, September 06, 2015

Coexisting in France

GP posted this video of the immigrant outreach going on in France by their most enlightened citizens.  They've ignored the leak in the dike there for decades, and now there is a full breach in the wall.

There is only one solution to the mass invasion of these bipedal locusts into Europe.

I suspect the Europeans will form a committee - a "European Union" per se - to determine if the remaining threads of sovereignty among their individual states is worth the price of blood. They'll go to the UN, come up with some half-measures that go nowhere, then finally blame the US.

I'd put their probability of survival at 0.1.

A Glorious Hat owner is the artist behind this image:

I recently reviewed The Camp of Saints.  You may want to read it to see the European mass-migration with a full perspective. Here is one quote:
The poor had overrun the earth.  Self-reproach was the order of the day; happiness, a sign of decadence.
If you feel compelled to do something like that fool lady in France, I would suggest you spend your money here.

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