Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Peas in a Pod

The United Secret Service is joining her sister branches in the pit of corruption.  Yes, they were already there with the hooker incident down South, so today's news isn't all that shocking.

Assistant Director Edward Lowry suggested in an email to his colleagues that they release some embarrassing information on Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz.  Apparently the congressman was causing Lowry some stress, and Lowry - an agent of the Secret Service and despite being paid very well to handle stress - was not capable of handling said stress.  His suggestion went service wide.

Lowry is in a new position as part of an effort to clean up the Secret Service.  Who was the moral backbone behind that promotion?

The IRS harasses right-wingers when they are not holding training seminars in Hawaii or Vegas.  The ATF sends 2000 guns to Mexican cartels and participates in a biker purge in Waco.   The NSA is watching me type this, and is widely believed to be behind John Roberts' ObamaCare decision.  And the Secret Service is corrupt at the top. 

Bush's fault, I guess.  Countdown to Lowry's next promotion: 3, 2, 1...

Story: Washington Post

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