Monday, September 21, 2015

Advice for GOP

From the not so right wing Stuart Varney at FOXNews:

"This president helped kill the American Dream. This president has trapped African Americans in poverty. This president has ruined and made worse our health care system. This president has divided America."Varney & Co. said voters are ready to listen to a bold candidate who doesn't pander to the American people and goes straight after President Barack Obama for his "failed policies."
Posted by Fox Business on Monday, September 21, 2015

Spot on.

U/T: FB Comrade L

UPDATED 9.23.15 11am:

This video is a facebook video, and apparently it does not show on ipads and other devices.  Per Comrade Oregon's request in the comments, I've tried to locate the video at both FB and FoxNews.  I cannot find it at FB, and the most recent Varney video I could find at FoxNews was from Aug 31.  Please come back to this post on a PC or Mac. 


OregonGuy said...

Curious about the vid...could you refer to a different link, please?

Karl said...

Please try again from a PC or Mac. This video is from FB and it doesn't show on some devices like ipads. Sorry for the inconvenience.