Thursday, September 24, 2015


Apparently Donald Trump is a punchline to the South Park boys.  Specifically his immigration position.

As a die-hard South Park fan, I am always prepared to be offended, although rarely so.  I think their 2004 Woodland Christmas Critters episode was the last one that violated everything decent in the world.

This week's episode may change that, and Trump isn't even my first, second or third pick for the GOP.  (Picks #1 and #2 have dropped out, so Trump is starting to look pretty good . . . )

Noisy Room has posted six videos in their post, EUROPE IS BURNING.  Matt Stone and Trey Parker have not seen these yet, but you can.  Here is video #1:

All Ushanka posts on the topic of immigration are brought to you by SGAmmo.

UPDATED 9.24.15 3pm:

Spillers of Soup posts a ton of immigration stats and answers the question: What would happen if the illegals went home? 

Check it out!

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