Tuesday, September 01, 2015

GOP Ranking Report

Here is the Ranking Report for September 1:

Click Here to see the ranking criteria (pdf).

The big change since the last report, for nearly all candidates, was my ranking of 3 (max) for all in the category of internal GOP attacks.  Several news searches turned up nothing for recent in-fighting or cheap shots.

Most candidates have not updated their websites since the last report.  Although some have an Issues tab, most of those tabs lead to a lot of meaningless text.  Promises are few and standards remain low.  The GOP candidates, and this includes Trump, are now playing off each other on positions rather than showing any leadership on one or more topics.  It is as if they are running in 1996 when the debt was manageable, foreign threats were non-existent, and the IRS and NSA respected the citizens' privacy.

Another observation: The GOP is known for being stronger on foreign policy, yet the candidates are all zeroes except for one candidate in one category. 

I'd complain but 1) who'd listen, and 2) I know the bar is set low for us in 2016.  Hillary the felon, Biden the idiot, and Bernie the Lenin couldn't speak to any of these foreign policy challenges.  It appears the GOP candidates take that as a pass and do not feel compelled to tell us what they stand for in these areas. 

Duly noted.

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