Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesday Evening Cigar

I relaxed with a Rocky Patel Sun Grown as I thought about the in-fighting and desperation tonight, and every night, at DNC headquarters.  They still have many late nights ahead.

I finished Cliff Kincaid's The Sword of the Revolution and started Herbert A. Philbrick's I Led 3 Lives.

The Sword of the Revolution:  I regret that I cannot recommend this book. Kincaid is one of the leading anti-communists in the US and he is doing God's work in his organizations.  His articles are always top shelf, but that quality did not carry over to this book.

The book fails to prove the thesis which is that the fall of the Soviet Union was part of a plan by world communists to remove the obstacle for world domination.  The comparison to Lenin's NEP is a stretch.  Yes, NEP was a retreat to save the Soviet Union.  But the fall of the Soviet Union was not a temporary retreat to save a global communist takeover.  And I think cooperation among world communist governments today is out of shared short-term goals rather than an organized effort. 

The book is also poorly organized.

The author is spot on in his assessment that communism is gaining strength and that communists worldwide are emboldened by their successes.  He is dead on about Putin's communist plans.

This book is a month old, and it is relevant to the 2016 election.  The author addresses Hillary and Bernie and the political landscape.  I'd suggest this book to those seeking an update on international and national communist activities and goals.

I'm 1/3 into Herbert A. Philbrick's I Led 3 Lives.  This is a great story about a man being pulled into the secret communist organizations in Boston before and during WWII.  I'll write more about this in the coming days.

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