Wednesday, September 23, 2015



Today's Drudge:

Finally we are atoning for killing and organ-harvesting on a scale greater than Hitler, Mao or Stalin!

UPDATED 2 minutes later:

I should have known better, and I stand corrected.

Drudge linked to this article, which only references abortion in this paragraph:
Contentious issues involving Church doctrine on the family -- such as abortion rights and contraception coverage -- will be swept under the carpet of the Oval Office. But the pope, who called for “a poor Church for the poor” on his election, is expected to elevate his concern for the downtrodden and the excluded for a global audience.
We will not atone for the baby holocaust of 58,285,845 dead and counting.  The president and the pope will discuss "important" issues instead, like more open borders, more redistribution, more socialism via "climate change," and more social justice (an approved term for institutionalized racism and hate towards white males and other producers in society).

Catholics are in the same boat as conservative Americans.  They have the marxist pope, and we have the marxist Obama.  We'd be counseled to embrace patience as this stupidity runs its course like a Taco Bell burrito.  Yes, but.

I'd urge my fellow Americans and Christians to consider agitation too.  When you're called a "wrecker," a "speculator," a "hoarder," or "bourgeoisie," you'll know you're doing it right. 

UPDATED 2:30pm:

Hat owner, Disloyal Subject, has a post at Patriot Retort on the "circus" surrounding the pope's visit.  Check it out!

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