Monday, September 07, 2015

The 2016 DNC Strategy

The 2016 DNC Strategy, in a nutshell:

Promise to fix the problems 
created by Democrat Party policies

For example:
1) Create the worst employment situation the nation has ever faced, then sell yourself as the only candidate in 2016 who can fix it.  Today's Drudge:

2) Spark and feed a nationwide race war, then sell yourself as the only candidate in 2016 who can fix it.  See my latest article: Cincinnati's Race Problem.

3) Allow like-minded totalitarian regimes (China and Russia) and movements (ISIS) to wage destabilizing economic, cyber and even hot war, then sell yourself as the only candidate in 2016 who can fix it.
If I were advising the Democrats, I'd endorse this exact strategy.  Why?
First, they have over three generations of voters who were indoctrinated in the public government schools.  It appears this will be another election where critical thought and historical references will be absent.
Second, the Democrats have a majority of voters that are either in financial distress and will be open to irresponsible spending or even outright redistribution, or they are government workers.  
Third, it works.  It has worked in Detroit.  It is working in California.  And if allowed to continue, it will work at the national level next November.

Some predictions:
If the election gets tight, watch for seemingly extreme [yet empty] Democrat promises for "common sense measures" to fix Planned Parenthood, domestic spying, and even spending.

The old-media strategies will be the same: 1) "The Democrat is smarter," 2) "The Democrat candidate comes out ahead in a thorough, side-by-side comparison of the important issues," 3) "We just can't get behind someone who might restrict women's access to health care."  And watch for the old favorite strategy meant to deflate the GOP base: to judge the GOP candidate's past or flaws from a religious or traditional family values perspective.

Biden is only running because Hillary has failed to inspire.  If Biden fails to inspire too, watch the Democrat Party scramble to recruit another 'dark horse' like Starbucks CEO Schultz.

The Democrat Party's efforts to restrict access to their candidates will continue.  The DNC debates have been put off, and will likely be reduced further.  Establishment candidates Hillary and Biden (not Bernie Sanders) will have rare media and public events to restrict mistakes and honest answers to their intentions.  A common excuse will be the candidate's safety, and as always, numerous yet unsubstantiated death threats will be referenced.
If Bernie Sanders is nominated, I will sell a ton of Glorious Hats!

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