Sunday, January 31, 2016

Where Is Karl?

UPDATED 1.31.16:

I am in Des Moines today.  I've partnered with Comrade Matt Forney who has been in town for a week covering the Caucus events.

Matt and I, and roughly 2000 others, saw Trump today in the West part of the state - Counsel Bluffs.  He shared the stage with Jerry Falwell Jr. in a relaxed, seated conversation.

Trump distributed $100k to the veteran's organization, Partners for Patriots.

The topics were the same: Strong defense is key.  Cruz is losing steam  The others are "dropping like flies."  Hillary is easy to beat - but will she be around?

Then Trump brought out his wife (below), and later his daughter and her husband, and Falwell's family too.

Matt Forney is currently supporting Trump, but don't let that deter you from reading his work.  He (and I) were the most subdued at today's Trump rally. 

Comrade Matt has been attending these events for the past week, and has published quite a few articles about what he has seen.  Matt brings a refreshing, albeit sometimes harsh, eye to the candidates and their supporters.  He considers himself part of the "alt-right," the disenfranchised Republicans leading the anti-establishment movement today.  I've come to find his perspective spot-on.  Consider reading some of his work:
Jan 23 - Ben Carson and the Death of Right-Wing Tokenism

Jan 24 - Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, and the Soft Bigotry of Political Correctness

Jan 25 - The Rise and Fall of Hillary Clinton

Jan 26 - If You’re Feeling the Bern, There’s a Cream for That

Jan 27 - Carly Fiorina Wants to Sit on Your Caucus

Jan 27 - Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign Is The Biggest Political Uprising In Decades

Jan 29 - The Rand Paul Devolution

Jan 29 - Ted Cruz’s Heart May Go on, but His Campaign Won’t

Jan 29 - Why Donald Trump’s Veterans’ Rally In Des Moines Was A Resounding Success

Jan 31 - How Jeb Bush Destroyed The Bush Dynasty And Tanked His Own Campaign

Jan 31 - The Luck of Governor O’Malley
You'll find more at Matt's Blog.

UPDATED 2.1.16 9:30am:

Comrade Matt posted a video of us discussing the Trump event in Counsel Bluffs.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bernie Pic of the Day

Our Comrades over at The People's Cube posted this photo with a link to a quiz: Who Said It?  Karl Marx or Bernie Sanders?


How Cruz Can Win the Nomination

I recently presented the idea of how Ted Cruz can win the GOP nomination.  I've done some math that further proves this. 

Theory:  Most GOP candidates are GOP-Establishment politicians.  Despite what many 'conservative' personalities are saying Cruz is hated more than Trump by the GOPe, I disagree.  The only proof will be when the fringe candidates drop out and throw their weight to one of the top two: Cruz and Trump.  I disagree Cruz is hated more than Trump, and I think most will throw their support, and their voters' support, to Cruz.

1) The poll numbers are reflected in the actual primary results.
2) Trump and Cruz will be the last two standing.
The big unknown: Which candidate will Carson (9%) ask his supporters to back?  

The math: I have calculated two scenarios. 
1) One that assumes 90% of a candidate's support will go to either Cruz or Trump with the other 10% going to the other. 
2) The second scenario assumes a 80-20% split.
As you can see, in either scenario, Cruz is within range of winning.  Carson's 9% is an unknown, as is the missing 13% of GOP support.

Another Factor - Timing.  If candidates hang on too long, Trump benefits as he collects more delegates with each completed primary.

So, Comrades, 
1) Who will Carson back?  
2) Do you agree with my other assumptions of how each other candidate will act?
This is a google spreadsheet that you may copy and modify to develop your own scenarios.  If you have something better, send it to me and I'll post it!

The Real Trump and Hitler Similarity

The current pulse of FB's angry Cruz supporters: "Stupid" is out, and "Hitler" is in.  It is a stretch to say that if Trump and Hitler have the same popularity, that 6 million more Jews will die.  But if your candidate is in a strong second place, you have to come up with something to knock #1 down a bit.  Explaining all the positives of your #2 is far harder to do than posting one-word insults on social media and trying to use peer pressure to get your friends to change their vote.  No?

The Hitler comparison is not only lazy, but it is historically wrong.  Hitler was a loud-mouth nuisance with a 1% following when he entered the political arena.  Think Gary Whatshisface running as the Libertarian candidate.



In fact, It took Hitler years to gain a following, and he only did so because he spoke to a deep and painful resentment from the Versailles Treaty that closed WWI.  In other words, Hitler understood better than others what people wanted from a political leader.

I am reading a fascinating 1979 book called A Noble Treason by Richard Hanson.  It is about a brother and sister in WWII Germany who disagree with the Hitler regime.  They put their thoughts in several leaflets, under the name The White Rose, and are eventually caught and executed.  I will post my review here soon.  And I will recommend this book.

What Trump is doing to the GOPe in his campaign, and to the old-media with his absence in tonight's FoxNews debate, is nothing short of refreshing.  Watching the early angst in these two obsolete groups is exciting, and I anticipate fun days ahead if Trump can keep his momentum. 

So where am I going with the Hitler comparison?

The first signs of Nazi failure created a ripple which grew to a tsunami within the Nazi regime.  

I think we are seeing something similar in the GOPe and old-media groups - both with decades of dominance now in question.

A diary entry from January 1943 by German Theodor Haecker records his view of the Nazi Regime's new desperation as their Russian expedition in the East is showing signs of failure, and the Allies are preparing for the mother of all invasions from the West.  This desperation is exactly what I see in the GOPe and old-MSM today, thanks to Trump, and Trump alone:
One can already hear the howls and whines of the demons more clearly in their dread-filled phrases.  It is the last gasp of the crazed man who runs amok, just before the end.  An official call to hate!  The hate will certainly be found, all right, but it will not be the hate they intend, and want, today.  It will be different . . . 
The author adds:
The crazed man who was running amok was, in fact, far from his last gasp, but he was beginning to pant where before he had only bellowed.  The difference was readily sensed by those who were waiting for any sign or symptom of a change.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cartoon of the Day

A FB comrade shared this from The Blacksphere FB page:

I feel so bad for parents with school-age children.

Trump Reads Ushanka!

Tonight's Drudge:

Who else has suggested he skip a debate other than when I did on December 8th?

The balls on this guy!  (Not to mention the balls on me for making this prediction.)

Next predictions (I should start charging for these...):
1) This changes nothing in the ratings,
2) We already know his positions, and the debate's purpose for both FoxNews and the other candidates was to weaken Trump with gotcha questions and comments,
3) Few, if any, GOP candidates will use this opportunity to promote themselves or announce new policy positions or promises.  They will blow most of their time bashing Trump, and
4) This is going to be an election year to remember.

You know what "Fair and Balanced" means, right?  It means 50% of the time they are spewing liberal bulls**t.  FoxNews is only leading the others because 50% of their programming has some substance.

UPDATE 1.27 7am:  Question.
Has a Trump supporter come out yet and suggested that Trump's absence this Thursday changes the debate to a. . .  JV debate?
Because that would be pretty damn funny.

UPDATED 1.27 8am:  Two more questions.
Is there anything more 'establishment' than to put some podiums on a stage and expect all the candidates to attend your debate, answer your questions, and suffer your abuse and attacks?

If a candidate should not drop out of a debate when he is polling at 41% in a field of 9, how much support (%) and how much of a lead should he have in order to drop out without criticism?
UPDATED 1.27 8:30am:  Good analysis (20min) from Stephan Molyneux.

The Cruz Drama and the Tea Party

I could say I'm trying to focus on other aspects of the 2016 political scene, like doing my part to stop Communists from getting elected, but who would believe me?  Instead, I'm knee-deep in the unexpected sludge of Cruz-Supporter insanity.

Here is how you get removed from a FB group.  This private group was called "Tea Party":
Cruz Supporter (paraphrasing, since I can't see the comment anymore):  Trump is just repeating Cruz's ideas.

Me:  Cruz should get credit for giving Trump his ideas.

It is moments like these I am glad I have Ushanka.  (Why is my blog called "Ushanka?"  Because "Pravda" (Truth) was already taken.)

As to the "Tea Party," CNN today says Trump and Cruz are almost equal in Tea Party support, at 37% to 34%, respectively.  This may come as a surprise to the Cruz supporters, as they have been saying "Cruz is the clear Tea Party favorite."  I suspect those who say that either do not know the facts themselves, or assume their audience does not.  That is called ignorance, no?

Having attended every Tea Party, I consider myself a Tea Partier.  Check out my Tea Party videos - March 2009 and April 2009.  The best Tea Party videos out there, no?

The Tea Party had three principles, and only three principles:  Reduced spending, limited govt. and strong national defense.  No candidate has ownership of these, and anyone who claims ownership is a fraud.  Cruz isn't claiming ownership, but some of his supporters are.  This is called desperation, no?

Another claim is 'all the horrible Cruz-bashing on social media.'  I have not seen any - ANY - of such from my FB account.  I did, however, see this today.  It is as funny as it has zero chance of changing anybody's vote.  If you are upset with this, please speak with the person in the mirror.

I tuned into Glenn's show for 3 minutes this morning.  I turned it off when I heard him say:
Trump was just admitted to the Douche Hall of Fame.
I will keep an eye out for Cruz supporters who denounce Glenn for his lack of judgement.

Comrade, and Glorious Hat owner, Wild Bill has some stronger words for Mr. Beck, "the Benedict Arnold of the Tea Party":

I am disappointed in my fellow conservatives with their attacks on supporters of other candidates.  This is the time to tell others the reasons why you're backing GOP Candidate X.   After Monday's Iowa Caucus, I think the damage will be done and it will be too late for Cruz supporters to shift into a positive message.

UPDATED 4:30pm:

Comrade Aaron Clarey (aka Captain Capitalism) gives the old GOPe (Hannity, Beck, Coulter and more) the pink slip in his excellent post, It's 12 O'Clock High for the Traditional Conservative Establishment.

UPDATED 8:30pm:

Doug Giles over at Clashdaily responds to the GOPe Trump-bashing in his post, TRUMP HATERS: Blinded By The ‘Right’:
The disturbing thing to moi was the rage combined with the unwavering conviction that they were right on every issue and, if you disagree with them, I guarantee they’d spew more F-Bombs in your face than Gary Oldman would if he ran out of espresso and cigarettes.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Intellectual Froglegs!

Comrade Joe Dan's latest just hit the Internet.  An entertaining 22 minutes from an unapologetic Trump supporter.

Master of the Game: Trump (Intellectual Froglegs) from Intellectual Froglegs on Vimeo.

In this episode: He calls out the nastiness directed from Cruz supporters to Trump supporters.  And he calls out, by name, Glenn Beck and Mark Levin.

After a week of seeing these attacks and insults - and the lack of reasons why one should consider Cruz - I find this nothing short of refreshing.

U/T: Joe Dan

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Comrade Dmitry Sends

Comrade Dmitry lives in Cleveland.  Last night the Cleveland Cavaliers had a ushanka giveaway.  Of course, the fans had to stand in line for their free hats...

It'll be a cold day in the gulag before we offer a Glorious Hat giveaway here at Ushanka.  People sometimes ask, but I have to reply:
Had Obama and his congressional super-majorities of 2009-2010 wanted you to have free hats, they would have voted for it like they did your free healthcare.
Now who can argue with that?

Europe's Next Leaders

Ignore them.  Mock them.  Dismiss them.

That is what Europe's current leaders are doing with PEGIDA - a nationalist movement demanding the end of both mass-Muslim immigration and the destruction of their continent.

If these current leaders wish to continue in their roles, they will either have to agree with PEGIDA, or cancel future elections.  Because, from what I've seen in the past 24 days (!) since the 126 New Years Eve rapes - tells me PEGIDA specifically, and the anti-islamicization movement in general, will get their way.  By ballot box, jury box, or cartridge box.  It is a fight for survival.

Watch Paul Weston, PEGIDA UK Leader.  Putting himself out front and at risk.  Speaking clearly of the problem and dangers ahead.  Pointing to the enemy.  Leading.

Tommy Robinson - founder and former leader of the English Defense League (EDL), and now involved with PEGIDA UK.  Watch and listen to the next generation of leadership in Europe - assuming he isn't killed first.

Imagine if 100+ American women were raped in one evening here in the States.  Who would take a stand on that soap box and lead as Paul and Tommy are doing?

Watch the news on February 6th - the continent-wide PEGIDA march for Europe.  Details are posted at Gates of Vienna.

U/T: Matt Bracken

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Hillary Perp Walk

The Hillary Perp Walk may never happen.  It is obvious that at least one person in the FBI is still not convinced Hillary did anything actually "illegal" when she stored sensitive classified information on, and conducted business from, her home email server.

Sure, they'll tell you they are reviewing all the details.  Just like they are busy rounding up the ISIS terrorists and violent cartel thugs that they allowed into the country and who now walk among us.

On the slight chance charges will be brought, here is one way it may play out. 
Jan 30 - two days before the Iowa Caucus: An ABC exclusive interview with the surviving family members of Vince Foster. The Hillary campaign goes into damage control.  A 'War Room' is setup at the campaign headquarters.

Jan 31 - the day before the Iowa Caucus: The FBI interrupts a Hillary campaign event to confiscate her passport and order her to remain in the country.

Feb 7 - two days before the New Hampshire primary:  NBC announces the first of a 12-part series: "The Clinton Women."  The first 2-hour special airs with Juanita Broderick.

Feb 8 - the day before the New Hampshire primary: The FBI conducts a raid on Hillary's house to search for evidence.  Agents are seen carting out dozens of boxes to FBI trucks.  Unrelated, an NBC executive dies in a car accident.
Feb 18 - two days before the Nevada primary: CBS interviews Clinton's largest donors.  First question: "When you gave Hillary $x million dollars, what were you paying for?"  Follow-up question: "Do you think that money was well spent?"

Feb 19 - the day before the Nevada primary:  Hillary is ordered to give a deposition.  Her suggestion "it depends on what the meaning of 'is' is" falls flat.
At this point, lets assume Hillary has bought secured the nomination.

Jul 23 - two days before the Democrat Party Convention:  CNN Exclusive: The Clinton Body Count.  An in-depth, 5-part series reviewing the suspicious deaths surrounding the Clintons.  CNN uses this list of dead people as its outline. Extra attention is given to the death of Charles Wilbourne Miller who committed suicide with two guns, and to Gary Webb who committed suicide with two shots to the head.

Jul 24 - one day before the Democrat Party Convention:  A contingent of FBI agents are seen checking-in at the same hotel Hillary will be staying at.  Liberals Progressives Communists at Daily Kos, Mother Jones, and MSNBC are outraged.  "Why didn't they arrest Hillary months ago?" will be the top Google search of the day.

Jul 28 - the last day of the Democrat Party Convention:  Hillary's pangender spokesperson reports there is no truth to the rumor that the FBI and Hillary's Secret Service detail had a stand-off in the hotel hallway outside her room, prior to her acceptance speech.  "It was just a misunderstanding among two dedicated federal agencies."

Jul 29:  The Clinton campaign announces it will not offer a calendar of events for the remainder of the campaign, but will instead "drop-in on everyday Americans across the country in order to engage on the important issues facing this country."  Polls show Hillary 22 points behind the Republican candidate.  Internet rumors suggest she will be re-inventing herself next week.

Oct 18:  A warrant is issued for Hillary's arrest.  Charges include murder, disclosure of sensitive information and intimidation of witnesses.  Hillary is encouraged to turn herself in.  She releases a statement saying "The Republicans are behind this.  We will resolve this immediately as we continue our campaign to restore dignity to America's working class families." Polls are steady with Hillary 24% of likely voters, and the Republican at 73%.

Nov 2:  Hillary suffers an undisclosed seizure and medical injury and is rushed to the hospital, where the FBI take custody.  She is surrounded by family and friends who ask that she not be disturbed.  Supporters, Chief Justice John Roberts and House Speaker Paul Ryan all suggest the election be postponed, but they are too late.

Well.  That was therapeutic.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Bernie's Lapel Pin

And ... [drum roll] .... another Hammer and Sickle post at Ushanka!

Finally a Democrat who doesn't waste his (or her) time trying to hide their core beliefs. 

The 2016 Election season, like a hair-pin turn alongside a cliff, is going to be exciting.

"We Want Our Europe, Not Your Union"

FB Comrade Matt Bracken, author of recent essays Tet: Take Two and The Alienork Way, just shared this powerful video:

Great video.  But these people need to start yelling "Wolverines" from the hill tops, if you know what I mean.  I suspect (hope) some are indeed moving in that direction.

I recently reviewed the book, Caliphate.  Since then I have thought about what that book skipped.  The story has two timelines, one current and one a hundred years in the future.  The latter is about the successful, and very violent, counter attack on the global Islamic conquest. 

If there are any aspiring writers out there, if not author Tom Kratman, that gap when Western Civilization decided it was going to survive at all costs would make for an excellent story. 

If you are reading this, chances are you have not seen total war, nor seen how it comes about.  When does a society coalesce around firebombing a city like we did in Tokyo, killing 88,000 in a single raid?  Events are moving so fast in Europe, I suspect we may live to see it.  Assuming the Europeans have it in them to save themselves.

U/T: Video Source - Vlad Tepes and Matt

National Review and Trump

I used to visit the National Review website daily.  But it went bland, and I moved it to my "Weekly" bookmark folder.  Then, a couple of years ago, I stopped reading their material.

The National Review
of today...
 is not your Uncle Buckley's National Review
of yesterday...

So imagine my surprise today to see that they are still around.  Their latest cover:

I didn't read their reasons against Trump.  I'm sure I've seen those reasons on Facebook - my primary source for political information in 2016.  Their columnists include Erick Erickson, a known GOPe hack who we exposed back in August 2015.

Trump said it best in his tweet:

The RNC, surprisingly, dropped National Review as a debate sponsor.  I'm impressed.

I'm a Trump/Cruz guy at the moment, and I'm going to force myself to pick one of these fine gentlemen before the Iowa Caucus.  I've enjoyed being un-attached as I publish my bi-weekly GOP Rankings Reports, but it is time to throw my one measly vote behind someone.  I demand it of myself, and owe it to my three loyal readers.

I think the National Review cover title was a bit deceptive today.  Please allow me to re-write it as I think it was intended:


UPDATED 4:30pm:

I am copying Comrade Andrea Shea-King's full letter to NRO member, Glenn Beck, below.  She posted this today at FB, and gave me permission to share.  Emphasis is mine.
Dear Glenn,

I've been with you since 9-12. I've traveled from Florida to participate in your Restoring Honor event in DC. Your Restoring Love event in Dallas.

I've been a paid subscriber to The Blaze TV since you established it (and stuck with it even though I was keenly disappointed when you ended REAL NEWS and replaced it with Goth Girl, who mirror images Megyn Kelly, another snark queen).

I've been among your biggest fans for years, but over time I've lost that lovin' feeling, and haven't watched or listened to you as much, finding your views and mine increasingly going separate ways.

Glenn, I've been a national speaker across the country on several tours with the Tea Party Express, so you can't say I haven't been in the Tea Party tent. But when you brought teddy bears and whatever to border illegals, it was a serious turn off for me. I get that you were attempting to show Christian love, but I believed it was a big mistake.

Yet... I continued to give you the benefit of the doubt, and supported your efforts by continuing my BLAZE subscription, giving you $10 a month out of loyalty for all you've undertaken in the past to educate and inform and stand up against the headwinds produced in large measure by the GOP establishment.

But now...

After that abhorrent piece in NRO, seeing you join with the insufferable GOP establishment "leading lights" who deign to tell Americans why 45% (latest Zogby poll) are "stupidly" following Trump, well... that has sealed the deal for me. After debating for months about canceling my subscription, your involvement in this is what did it.

Sorry Glenn. It's not that we disagree about our choice of candidates. It's that you've thrown in with inside-the-beltway establishment snobs. I don't even know you anymore.

You'll have to peddle your views elsewhere. I'm done.

This Trump vs. Cruz vs. GOPe is getting out of hand.  We're all mad for the 7 years of dear leader free stuff, 9 years if you count the damage from Pelosi-Reid.  Somehow the good people are turning on each other.  I'm confident this will all be a distant memory in a month, but some things can't be undone.  And I suppose, some things shouldn't.

Good News For Cruz?

I used to go to DailyKos when I wanted to hear a crowd tell me I'm "stupid."  Now I just log into Facebook.

The nastiness on social media is at an all time high.  Like-minded comrades are hammering Trump supporters, and getting quite personal.  I suppose it is a 2-way street, however I have not seen one personal attack from a Trump supporter to a Cruz supporter yet.

I look forward to the GOP nomination so these patriots can refocus on what is important - the rollback of Obama's socialism and tyranny.

So far, here is what the Cruz crowd thinks of Trump supporters:
1) stupid, Stupid, STUPID!!,
2) "childless single men who masturbate to anime,"
3) and just now, a FB Comrade suggested Trump supporters fantasize about sex with Sarah Palin.

If I were a Trump supporter (and I am still undecided) I would be taking this personally.  Since I am open to Trump, I have been sending friend requests to all those who I've seen stand up for Trump.  I admire people who aren't intimidated by the crowd that yells "STUPID!"

Cruz supporters: let not your angst get the better of you.  

I think we can agree, as other GOP candidates drop out it will be Cruz, not Trump, who will get most of the abandoned voters.  66% are not for Trump now, and it is a safe bet that most will not be for Trump when they are faced with only two choices.

Of course, this begs the question, for those of you who consider yourselves intellectually honest:
If Cruz gets the discarded GOPe voters, does that mean Cruz has more in common with Jeb, Rubio, Christie, Kasich, Fiorina than does Trump?
Is this the new norm?

This is the most contentious election since social media came on the scene.   The energized electorate plus the social media tools makes for a very unpleasant social experience.

Will there be a hangover?

How will Cruz supporters, or anyone who is now calling their social media friends "stupid," resolve their differences in a month when the nominee is all but known?

I might be limiting my FB time in the coming weeks.  I have a tendency to do the opposite of what people call "stupid," and I'd rather make my choice for the same reasons in the past:
The Buckley Principal - Voting for the most conservative in the primary, and supporting the GOP nominee in the general election.

UPDATED 1.23.16, 8:30am:

Comrade Andrea shared Kambree Nelson's video.  

7:00 mark:
I've never, in my life, been this upset. 
But I've never, in my life, been this offended.
Just another stupid Trump supporter.  Nothing to see here.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Picture du jour


Uncle Joe would raise the income taxes on the top 1% to 90%, and offer free college to his supporters.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Alienork Way

Author Matt Bracken has just released a new essay called The Alienork Way.  It is an excellent story that simplifies the conquest nature of Islam. 

WRSA originally published the essay.  I have copied it into a Google Document for your convenience - larger print for us old guys, and easier for printing.

I have also created a Religion of Peace section in the Ushanka Library at the left, and I have added a link to this essay there.

The author's statement on FB today:
I'm posting links to The Alienork Way on Breitbart and elsewhere. My goal is to have conservative parents recommend it to their kids from ten to thirty, who are either oblivious to the danger, or brainwashed by PC nonsense about "the religion of peace."

Here are a few quotes that stood out as I read The Alienork Way:
Napok also sought me out, and warned me in the strongest terms not to make any agreement with Amok, but to drive the Alienorks out of the middle valley of Near Plenty while we still could. He said that the Alienorks always lie, and that The Alienork Way is not peaceful, but the path of war and violence and slavery and death and conquest.

Only if the Notorks comply with The Alienork Way, can there be peace.

I said that I was very sorry about his missing daughter, but nothing could be done about finding her, not while the Alienorks were in their wild moon-dance frenzy.

Monday, January 18, 2016

This is the Bottom

MSNBC calls Sanders the winner in last night's debate:

Good News Comrades!  We've hit the bottom.  It is only up from here!  (Or, it is ALL over.)

When I designed the Commie Obama hat in 2007, Obama was a fringe candidate, and the hat just went by the name "Ushanka."  When the most liberal senator in the Democrat Party was nominated in early 2008, I snatched up the coveted Internet Domain ahead of all the others. 

The reason Barack Obama was the most liberal Democrat in the US Senate was because Bernie Sanders, until last year, was an Independent with extensive links to the Communist Party.  In other words, the Democrat Party wasn't liberal enough for him.  Until last year.

The Democrats are relieved that last night's debate was their last.  They now get to share the national stage with people who have worked for a living, and who have solved problems.  We are going to see the equivalent of a spelling bee competition between an inner-city public school dropout and a home-schooled kid.  For this reason I hope our nominee will consider skipping the following debates.

MarketWatch is clearly favoring Sanders as well. 

I predict 2016 will be the year of envy and resentment in the old-media. 

Because, why would anything be different this year?

Sunday, January 17, 2016

The обувной is on the other фут

The shoe is on the other foot, eh Comrade Fareed Zakaria?

It must be nice to have one of those old-media outlets at your disposal when someone trolls makes fun of you.  Of course, only people waiting for their flight will see it, and more now know there are two sides to a story and they are only hearing a single, very carefully scripted, side.  Ah, the curses of CNN.

You see, like all the old-media outlets, CNN has lost the trust of their target market.  We go elsewhere for our news.  For example, my single source of news during the muslim attacks in Paris and San Bernardino was Facebook.  My comrades there are all like minded, as Fareed will tell you below.  We all have low expectations for the old media, and have decided to analyze the veracity of what is put out, rather than accept it blindly as our grandparents did.

And Facebook is the only source for smaller attacks that don't get mentioned on CNN.  Not that it matters anymore.  I cancelled my cable back in 2010.  I miss the MLB playoffs and I have to go to a local bar to watch the NFL playoffs, but I do so with a wad of cash as I have been saving over $80 a month for a while now.

I digress.  Anyhooo...

Our sister site of anti-commie goodness, The People's Cube, is the culprit that has Fareed's panties in a bunch.  It is their YouTube channel where I found this video.

The video description:
CNN host Fareed Zakaria calls to censor social media because he gets offended by The People's Cube satire about his writings. Without mentioning that our satire was a hyperbolic buildup on his own recent writings, Zakaria cries for government protection of his hurt feelings, making it clear that he can dish it out but can't take it. Taste your own medicine, Fareed! Progressives have trolled, ridiculed, satirized, maligned, insulted, bullied, and lied about conservatives since the inception of the Internet. But once they see the signs of oncoming traffic, they cry and run to mommy - or to the nanny state in this case - asking to make it a one-way street once again, where only they can ride their tricycles, wear funny hats, and fling poop at those whom they consider inferiors. Watch Fareed Zakaria on camera wiping his face from the poop flung at him. 
Their December 2, 2015 link that started all this is here.

As the Democrats implode this summer, watch for more persuasive calls for censure of social media and right-wing blogs.

U/T: Oleg and his comrades at The People's Cube.

UPDATED 1.18.16 3pm:

Oleg responds to Fareed.  See his Open Letter!

Look Who's Been a Bad Boy

What do the following Communist front-organizations here in the States have in common?
Young People's Socialist League,
Socialist Party USA,
United Packinghouse Workers Union,
American People's History Society,
Liberty Union Party, and
US Peace Council.
They have in common Democrat Presidential Candidate and current US Senator, Bernie Sanders.  A member of some, associated with others, but always focused on the overthrow of the United States.

You can read more here:  Don't Be Fooled by Bernie Sanders - He's a Die-Hard Communist.

Speech!  Speech!
I want to say how proud I am of myself for seeing the current Democrat Party for what it is back in 2006 when I started Ushanka - a bunch of Liberals Progressives Communists.

Have you seen Glorious Hat?
Comrade Diann made some modifications. 

U/T: Paul Sperry and The New York Post.

They Cling

This Breitbart headline reminded me of the desperate death grip I see Democrats have with their power these days.  They are bitter clingers. 

And a little inspiration goes a long way:

Obama's famous 'bitter clinger' quote from April 2008:
You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing's replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not.

And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.
There.  Fixed it.
You go into these large cities in Chicago and Detroit and, like a lot of large cities on both coasts, Republicans have been gone now for 25 years and nothing's replaced them except Democrats. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not.

And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to government and power or antipathy toward people who aren't like them or anti-white sentiment or anti-cop sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.

U/T: FB Comrades MLM and CST.

LiNK 2015

Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) is my preferred (and only) charity.

You can always find their Donate button along the left side of Ushanka.

LiNK helps North Koreans get to South Korea or America from China.  These are refugees who have already escaped the communist country, but find themselves in another communist country with no support network.  China is no better for them, as they are often trapped into a slavery or sex-trade hell.  (The reason many faces are blurred.)

That is where LiNK steps in.  Through partnerships with other humanitarian groups, LiNK helps these refugees escape communism again.  They do this in less-that-legal ways, often crossing several borders in order to get to South Korea where, by law, they are accepted as citizens. 

LiNK does this for as little as $3000 per human being.  Can you imagine a better organization to send a few extra bucks?

Here are their numbers for 2015:
Raised $117k.
Funded 67 rescue teams.
Rescued 145 North Korean refugees.
Refugee Hae Eun:

LiNK is great for those it rescues, and that should be enough.  But I also like it for the shame and exposure it heaps on the North Korean regime.  As of last year, through LiNK alone, there are 145 more voices to speak out about the crime of communism.  Within those numbers, there may be more authors to share their stories, and volunteers to help LiNK and the other organizations with housing and educating the refugees in South Korea.

Please consider donating, and sharing their story with your comrades.  I have several book and movie reviews along the left side from LiNK refugees.

LiNK's YouTube channel.

I have no relationship with LiNK, other than as a buyer of some items in their store.

Friday, January 15, 2016

The Libertarian Struggle of 2016

As a Cubs fan... I can sympathize with Libertarians when yet another election season passes them by without a chance at the championship.  "The next election is the one!" they'll say.

Rand Paul is done.  He was always at the fringe of the GOP race, and here he is (above) after failing to meet the criteria for yesterday's debate.  Carly Fiorina was also disqualified from the debate, but she spun it with statements about why she is different than the seven on the debate stage.  That is about the best one can do at this point.  (Had Fiorina been a serious candidate, among other things, she would have had an Issues tab on her website with bold policy goals and promises.  Instead, she surrendered that leadership to others, then came in late to say "I'll do that too.")

Rand Paul was the Libertarian favorite in 2016, despite his pro-life position.  He is exceptional on the constitutional matters, the Fed, communicating common sense policy changes, and many other important issues.  I would have gladly voted for him if he were nomiated.  But he didn't catch on.

Libertarians are upset.

ReasonTV - the Libertarian champions of YouTube - posted this Trump hit piece today.  I have no proof, but I am convinced this has more to do with Rand washing out than anything to do with Trump.

You may have missed the news from last week: Gary Whatshisface has announced his 2016 candidacy for president for the Libertarian Party. 

My prediction:

ReasonTV will soon release a [another] Gary W. interview.  It will be ahhhmazing.

Gary W. will have all the answers, and he will be patient with us, and Nick Gillespie, as he explains that both parties equally suck.  ReasonTV's interview will convince the refined, objective, intellectual viewer that they too have superior "reasoning" skills beyond those stupid people who plan to vote Democrat or Republican.

Of course, if that is you, and you decide to join the 2% who will vote for the presidential candidate who has never been at a presidential debate and whose top priority is the full legalization of pot, then you will join the "smart" people.

A Shout Out to the Cigar Smokers

Comrade Clarey, author of best-seller Bachelor Pad Economics, tells the ladies to go to their local cigar lounge to find a quality guy.

Another place to find a quality man: Military bases.

Either place: be sure to wear your Glorious Hat to advertise your conservative credentials. 

This gal has a hat, AND she is happily married.  Coincidence?

GOP Rankings Report - Jan 15

Here is the Ushanka GOP Rankings Report for January 15:

No new promises that meet the high standards of our criteria for this report, so little change to the candidates' scores in this report.

There will be one more report before the Iowa Caucus (Feb 1).  I suspect we'll witness two exciting things after that: 1) mass drop outs, and 2) a rush to conservative principles by desperate candidates who finally appreciate the anger and focus of the electorate.

Just think.  It'll take EIGHT GOP candidates to drop out to be equal to the current Democrat Party lineup.  And NONE of our candidates will drop out because of felony charges.

Attack Scores:

It appears the candidates are done with their policy proposals.  At least the ones who have a shot.  So, it is my assumption that the focus of their attacks will be key variable in this and future reports.  That was clearly the case in this report.

I asked Comrade Googie to watch the debate and give me the attack scores for this report.  I was just looking for a number from 0-3, but instead received this detailed dispatch from the front:
Trump -- 1  I really, really wanted to give him a 3.  Let's put it this way, I really wanted him to score high.  But when he went after Cruz on his status as an American citizen, that cut it. As for Trumps remark that the Democrats will sue Cruz in court, should he become President or V/P, the Dems will go after every single one of them up there, Trump included, for just breathing!  They did the same thing to Sarah Palin to the point she had to leave her position as Gov of Alaska.  And also the NY comment to me, is not that big of a deal -- I know what Cruz meant, that NYC is full of liberals.  When Trump is good, he is very, very good -- as in being Pro-American.  It hurts to give him a 1, but I stand by my grade.

Cruz -- 3  I felt any negative comments from Cruz came from defending himself.  Yes, I like Cruz and he is my first choice, but I feel he earned a score of 3.

Bush -- 1  He worked himself down from 3 to 2 to 1.  My personal thoughts on Bush is that he looks very uncomfortable up on stage.  To me he looks nervous and does not speak with the authority a President needs to lead our country.

Rubio -- 1  He also worked his way down from a 3 to a 1.  At times he spoke to boldly, but in the back of my mind I know he wants illegal Amnesty.  I do not trust him.  And when he went after Cruz with a whole laundry list of what he calls flip-flops, he lost all credibility with me.  He also went after Trump -- I have that in my notes, but not exactly what is was about.

Kasich -- 3  But I find him boring.  He loses me in his talk of family and minute details.  I tend to start tuning him out.

Carson -- 3  Nice guy, sense of humor, but to me, a little light on substance.

Krispy Kreme -- 3  I thought he sounded fine on what he talked about but I kept picturing him on the beach in New Jersey arm in arm with Hussein Obama.  That cut it right there for me.  Can't be trusted.

I picked this up on three candidates -- Bush, Rubio and Carsen -- that repeated that in their opinions, Obama underestimates our enemies.  No he does not, he IS one of the enemies and is on our enemies side.  Obama knows EXACTLY what he is doing to this country.  It is on purpose.

I probably made this much more than what you wanted Karl, but I thought maybe I needed to explain my grades.  Thanks for the assignment.  It was very interesting and it gave me a reason to leave work early in order to watch the debates. 
I am always happy to give anyone a reason to leave work early.

Candidate Website Reviews:

I only found three changes to candidate websites since the last review:
Ted Cruz finally has an Issues page!  It is written in third person, and most of the content is what he has done rather than promises of what he will do.  It is one of the weakest Issues pages of the GOP lineup.

Jeb's attacks on Trump are no longer limited to the debates and commercials.  He posted an attack on Trump, titled "Enough," on his site yesterday.  He calls Trump "unserious," and is appalled that Trump mocked a reporter.  Let's see what that does for his numbers. . .

And Rand Paul's site now says "Fight Back Against the Media Blackout!"  He's upset he didn't make the cut for yesterday's debate.  
Re: Paul - Frankly, I think the stage should have five or less at this stage.  Like Rand's father, he had all the opportunities the others had, and he didn't close the sale.  He is an awesome speaker and has a great grasp of the issues, but he doesn't excite.  Like Rand, I too hate that spark wins the day over substance.  But if he didn't know that going in, or if he thought he could overcome it with his knowledge of the Constitution, the error rests with him.

Here are the scores from the website reviews.  Highest score is 3.  Cruz's score is the only change.