Friday, January 15, 2016

The Libertarian Struggle of 2016

As a Cubs fan... I can sympathize with Libertarians when yet another election season passes them by without a chance at the championship.  "The next election is the one!" they'll say.

Rand Paul is done.  He was always at the fringe of the GOP race, and here he is (above) after failing to meet the criteria for yesterday's debate.  Carly Fiorina was also disqualified from the debate, but she spun it with statements about why she is different than the seven on the debate stage.  That is about the best one can do at this point.  (Had Fiorina been a serious candidate, among other things, she would have had an Issues tab on her website with bold policy goals and promises.  Instead, she surrendered that leadership to others, then came in late to say "I'll do that too.")

Rand Paul was the Libertarian favorite in 2016, despite his pro-life position.  He is exceptional on the constitutional matters, the Fed, communicating common sense policy changes, and many other important issues.  I would have gladly voted for him if he were nomiated.  But he didn't catch on.

Libertarians are upset.

ReasonTV - the Libertarian champions of YouTube - posted this Trump hit piece today.  I have no proof, but I am convinced this has more to do with Rand washing out than anything to do with Trump.

You may have missed the news from last week: Gary Whatshisface has announced his 2016 candidacy for president for the Libertarian Party. 

My prediction:

ReasonTV will soon release a [another] Gary W. interview.  It will be ahhhmazing.

Gary W. will have all the answers, and he will be patient with us, and Nick Gillespie, as he explains that both parties equally suck.  ReasonTV's interview will convince the refined, objective, intellectual viewer that they too have superior "reasoning" skills beyond those stupid people who plan to vote Democrat or Republican.

Of course, if that is you, and you decide to join the 2% who will vote for the presidential candidate who has never been at a presidential debate and whose top priority is the full legalization of pot, then you will join the "smart" people.

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