Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Desperate Acts by Desperate Men

Obama's gun-control executive orders today, and the left's latest call for full citizen disarmament, are acts of desperation.  The left feels its grasp of my life slipping from its fingers, causing their envy and resentment to reach levels of insanity.  Their depression in these coming months will reach critical levels, and I hope their physicians will make the necessary calls to the government in order to stem the tide of lefty/jihadist lethal attacks against innocent life.  People's lives matter more than the survival of the Democrat Party.

FB Comrade John shared this quote from Motorcycle maker turned Gun maker, Jesse James:
Everyone take a deep breath... The BIG changes to our gun rights happening today are just a smoke screen. We have an extremely lazy president that is just trying to appear like he is doing something to his pussified lefty, handout seeking followers. These BIG changes are going to be low impact for us gun enthusists. At the very worst we will have to live with these nuscances only for the next 12 months. Until we have a Real president in place.

This is a very good life lesson for us to learn here. We should have never elected a un-vetted college professor that has Never got his hands dirty in life ever, and a sidekick that spit in the faces of returning Vietnam Vets(john kerry)... Lesson Learned.
Spot on.

My thoughts:

Not a single life will be saved by today's executive orders.  That is not what this is about.  It is about control.

Nobody is fooled.  If they were, gun sales would be down instead of at record levels.  (Source: ZH)

An executive order is an admission that it is an unpopular idea and that one cannot get the same thing passed as a law.  His executive orders are as vacuous as his statements that "ISIS is contained" and the government is here to protect us. 

If these measures were important, Obama would have passed them through Congress during the left's super-majorities in 2009 and 2010.

I predict he plans to throw his hands up in the air in desperation after the next mass shooting, and insist we double-down on today's gun control efforts to "put a stop to gun violence, once and for all." He'll make that old, worn out case that nobody is safe until only the government has guns.  Which oddly always leads to more ditches...

He says his executive orders are "consistent with the second amendment."   In other words, his infringing on my right to keep and bear arms is consistent with "...the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

UPDATED 5:30pm:

Mohammed Cartoon winner, Bosch Fawstin, on FB:
When Americans are mass-murdered, Obama's as cool as a cucumber. But when he Can't Disarm Americans, and can only put a dent in the Second Amendment, he Cries.


THANKS to WRSA for linking, and for an excellent analysis of the dear leader's 'solutions.'  I'm fascinated - and relieved - that most are just noise.  I am angry and troubled with points #10 and #11.

And now a word from our sponsor.  Oh wait, I'm his sponsor.  Heh.

A little light on the spin and heavy on the facts, no?

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David said...

If he actually had the executive authority he claims, he could have done all this on Day 1 in office. And if these measures are actually life-saving, how many died because he failed to act for 7 years? If he is to be taken at his word, (I don't) we should see mobs of Americans waving torches and pitchforks outside the White House. The lack of any significant public outcry over his previous inaction is the ultimate tell that this is all a farce.