Sunday, January 17, 2016

LiNK 2015

Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) is my preferred (and only) charity.

You can always find their Donate button along the left side of Ushanka.

LiNK helps North Koreans get to South Korea or America from China.  These are refugees who have already escaped the communist country, but find themselves in another communist country with no support network.  China is no better for them, as they are often trapped into a slavery or sex-trade hell.  (The reason many faces are blurred.)

That is where LiNK steps in.  Through partnerships with other humanitarian groups, LiNK helps these refugees escape communism again.  They do this in less-that-legal ways, often crossing several borders in order to get to South Korea where, by law, they are accepted as citizens. 

LiNK does this for as little as $3000 per human being.  Can you imagine a better organization to send a few extra bucks?

Here are their numbers for 2015:
Raised $117k.
Funded 67 rescue teams.
Rescued 145 North Korean refugees.
Refugee Hae Eun:

LiNK is great for those it rescues, and that should be enough.  But I also like it for the shame and exposure it heaps on the North Korean regime.  As of last year, through LiNK alone, there are 145 more voices to speak out about the crime of communism.  Within those numbers, there may be more authors to share their stories, and volunteers to help LiNK and the other organizations with housing and educating the refugees in South Korea.

Please consider donating, and sharing their story with your comrades.  I have several book and movie reviews along the left side from LiNK refugees.

LiNK's YouTube channel.

I have no relationship with LiNK, other than as a buyer of some items in their store.

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