Sunday, January 03, 2016

Intellectual Froglegs Kicks Off 2016

Unapologetic Trump supporter and Ushanka Comrade, Joe Dan, just issued his latest episode.

Regarding Trump and the GOP-Establishment's efforts to derail him, I completely agree with Joe Dan's comments at 11:57 -
Notice what they [GOPe] do.  Notice what these elite jerks do.  They target our intellect, and they target Trump's character.  But rarely do they attack his policies. 

You know what?  The guy they claim is not a conservative - and maybe he's not - nobody is saying he is.  But he has the strongest conservative platform of any Republican candidate that was running for president in recent memory.  John McCain?  Mitt Romney?  Mitt Romney invented ObamaCare. 
The video above is Joe Dan's Vimeo version.  He 'violated' YouTube's policies with this latest episode and had to edit that version.  Perhaps his violation was his comments about the GOPe types like Paul Ryan?

Expect those 'policies' to be used to restrict free speech further as we near the election - eleven months away.

His site - IntellectualFroglegs.

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