Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Friedrichs v. CTA

Friedrichs v. CTA is the latest attack on the liberal progressive communist monopoly of public education.  In short, union dues are required by all teachers in CA, but spent with no representation.  This scheme has given the Democrat Party an unfair advantage in politics and has led to massive waste and deficits, and generations of poorly educated students.

Reason shares some interviews here.  They usually do a good job at explaining the sides of an issue, but didn't do that here.

1:31 mark - watch the liberal complain about "freeloading."  I live for these moments.

Mackinac does what Reason didn't.  Here is a great 4min video explaining the case from the plantiffs' perspective.  Listen for key words, like "competition" and "accountability."

And, to be fair and balanced, I have searched for a union rebuttal.  Trumpka's video had 6 views, so instead I decided to share this one from Minnesota.  Things to watch for:  union sympathizers reading from a script, and key words and phrases like "attack on families," "community," "corporate interests" and "gulf between the haves vs have nots."

As to the 'haves and have nots,' may I ask: 
1) Who has been the 'have nots' in the past 50 years in public education?
2) If Friedrichs loses the case and the unions retain their monopoly, who are the 'have nots' then?

The fire truck is a disgusting attempt to legitimize these unions who have destroyed our schools.  I saw the same thing at the Ohio SB5 rally in Columbus back in 2011.  Firefighters in uniform walking among the union masses.  They meant to raise the credibility of all, but in my eyes they lowered the credibility of the first responders.  In my view, they are there to intimidate, and to perpetuate the phony union economy. 

At my expense. 

And yours.

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