Sunday, January 17, 2016

The обувной is on the other фут

The shoe is on the other foot, eh Comrade Fareed Zakaria?

It must be nice to have one of those old-media outlets at your disposal when someone trolls makes fun of you.  Of course, only people waiting for their flight will see it, and more now know there are two sides to a story and they are only hearing a single, very carefully scripted, side.  Ah, the curses of CNN.

You see, like all the old-media outlets, CNN has lost the trust of their target market.  We go elsewhere for our news.  For example, my single source of news during the muslim attacks in Paris and San Bernardino was Facebook.  My comrades there are all like minded, as Fareed will tell you below.  We all have low expectations for the old media, and have decided to analyze the veracity of what is put out, rather than accept it blindly as our grandparents did.

And Facebook is the only source for smaller attacks that don't get mentioned on CNN.  Not that it matters anymore.  I cancelled my cable back in 2010.  I miss the MLB playoffs and I have to go to a local bar to watch the NFL playoffs, but I do so with a wad of cash as I have been saving over $80 a month for a while now.

I digress.  Anyhooo...

Our sister site of anti-commie goodness, The People's Cube, is the culprit that has Fareed's panties in a bunch.  It is their YouTube channel where I found this video.

The video description:
CNN host Fareed Zakaria calls to censor social media because he gets offended by The People's Cube satire about his writings. Without mentioning that our satire was a hyperbolic buildup on his own recent writings, Zakaria cries for government protection of his hurt feelings, making it clear that he can dish it out but can't take it. Taste your own medicine, Fareed! Progressives have trolled, ridiculed, satirized, maligned, insulted, bullied, and lied about conservatives since the inception of the Internet. But once they see the signs of oncoming traffic, they cry and run to mommy - or to the nanny state in this case - asking to make it a one-way street once again, where only they can ride their tricycles, wear funny hats, and fling poop at those whom they consider inferiors. Watch Fareed Zakaria on camera wiping his face from the poop flung at him. 
Their December 2, 2015 link that started all this is here.

As the Democrats implode this summer, watch for more persuasive calls for censure of social media and right-wing blogs.

U/T: Oleg and his comrades at The People's Cube.

UPDATED 1.18.16 3pm:

Oleg responds to Fareed.  See his Open Letter!

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