Friday, January 22, 2016

National Review and Trump

I used to visit the National Review website daily.  But it went bland, and I moved it to my "Weekly" bookmark folder.  Then, a couple of years ago, I stopped reading their material.

The National Review
of today...
 is not your Uncle Buckley's National Review
of yesterday...

So imagine my surprise today to see that they are still around.  Their latest cover:

I didn't read their reasons against Trump.  I'm sure I've seen those reasons on Facebook - my primary source for political information in 2016.  Their columnists include Erick Erickson, a known GOPe hack who we exposed back in August 2015.

Trump said it best in his tweet:

The RNC, surprisingly, dropped National Review as a debate sponsor.  I'm impressed.

I'm a Trump/Cruz guy at the moment, and I'm going to force myself to pick one of these fine gentlemen before the Iowa Caucus.  I've enjoyed being un-attached as I publish my bi-weekly GOP Rankings Reports, but it is time to throw my one measly vote behind someone.  I demand it of myself, and owe it to my three loyal readers.

I think the National Review cover title was a bit deceptive today.  Please allow me to re-write it as I think it was intended:


UPDATED 4:30pm:

I am copying Comrade Andrea Shea-King's full letter to NRO member, Glenn Beck, below.  She posted this today at FB, and gave me permission to share.  Emphasis is mine.
Dear Glenn,

I've been with you since 9-12. I've traveled from Florida to participate in your Restoring Honor event in DC. Your Restoring Love event in Dallas.

I've been a paid subscriber to The Blaze TV since you established it (and stuck with it even though I was keenly disappointed when you ended REAL NEWS and replaced it with Goth Girl, who mirror images Megyn Kelly, another snark queen).

I've been among your biggest fans for years, but over time I've lost that lovin' feeling, and haven't watched or listened to you as much, finding your views and mine increasingly going separate ways.

Glenn, I've been a national speaker across the country on several tours with the Tea Party Express, so you can't say I haven't been in the Tea Party tent. But when you brought teddy bears and whatever to border illegals, it was a serious turn off for me. I get that you were attempting to show Christian love, but I believed it was a big mistake.

Yet... I continued to give you the benefit of the doubt, and supported your efforts by continuing my BLAZE subscription, giving you $10 a month out of loyalty for all you've undertaken in the past to educate and inform and stand up against the headwinds produced in large measure by the GOP establishment.

But now...

After that abhorrent piece in NRO, seeing you join with the insufferable GOP establishment "leading lights" who deign to tell Americans why 45% (latest Zogby poll) are "stupidly" following Trump, well... that has sealed the deal for me. After debating for months about canceling my subscription, your involvement in this is what did it.

Sorry Glenn. It's not that we disagree about our choice of candidates. It's that you've thrown in with inside-the-beltway establishment snobs. I don't even know you anymore.

You'll have to peddle your views elsewhere. I'm done.

This Trump vs. Cruz vs. GOPe is getting out of hand.  We're all mad for the 7 years of dear leader free stuff, 9 years if you count the damage from Pelosi-Reid.  Somehow the good people are turning on each other.  I'm confident this will all be a distant memory in a month, but some things can't be undone.  And I suppose, some things shouldn't.


Anonymous said...


Glenn methinks got too big for his britches and got the swelled-head syndrome.

That. mates. is bad enuff, but then when he went into the tank for the "All You Need is LOVE..." attitude while the Visiting Team wants to eviscerate us, rape our gals, and carry off our goods, he mistakes self-love for annihilation. You don't give candy and teddy bears to rattlesnakes; you eliminate 'em. Sorry that hurts your feelings, Glenn.

And now hooking up with the McCain-Boehner-Ryan Axis of Capitulation...well, it's way too much for this country boy.

Even the B.A., M.A. and J.D. after my handle tell me you've been at the plate hitting them "foul balls" a bit too long, Glenn. Strike Three--YOU'RE OUT!


Tucci said...

Back when it was being chiseled into stone tablets and dispatched by Pterodactyl Post in my high-school days, I subscribed to National Review to get fodder for National Forensic League competition in the "extemporaneous" category (you could always tell us extemp guys from the other team members; we were the ones lugging bundles of magazines like Time and Newsweek and Foreign Affairs Quarterly and U.S. News & World Report into the libraries of the hosting schools on those Saturday mornings in order to have ready reference to materials on the current affairs upon which our out-of-a-fishbowl-selected speech topics were predicated).

I decidedly did not read it for pleasure. I needed supporting sources, and N.R. worked pretty well for certain values of "well" during the Kennedy Administration.

Under the reign of Obozo? In such a wonderfully "target-rich environment"?

N.R. has tragically become D.R.T.