Friday, January 22, 2016

Good News For Cruz?

I used to go to DailyKos when I wanted to hear a crowd tell me I'm "stupid."  Now I just log into Facebook.

The nastiness on social media is at an all time high.  Like-minded comrades are hammering Trump supporters, and getting quite personal.  I suppose it is a 2-way street, however I have not seen one personal attack from a Trump supporter to a Cruz supporter yet.

I look forward to the GOP nomination so these patriots can refocus on what is important - the rollback of Obama's socialism and tyranny.

So far, here is what the Cruz crowd thinks of Trump supporters:
1) stupid, Stupid, STUPID!!,
2) "childless single men who masturbate to anime,"
3) and just now, a FB Comrade suggested Trump supporters fantasize about sex with Sarah Palin.

If I were a Trump supporter (and I am still undecided) I would be taking this personally.  Since I am open to Trump, I have been sending friend requests to all those who I've seen stand up for Trump.  I admire people who aren't intimidated by the crowd that yells "STUPID!"

Cruz supporters: let not your angst get the better of you.  

I think we can agree, as other GOP candidates drop out it will be Cruz, not Trump, who will get most of the abandoned voters.  66% are not for Trump now, and it is a safe bet that most will not be for Trump when they are faced with only two choices.

Of course, this begs the question, for those of you who consider yourselves intellectually honest:
If Cruz gets the discarded GOPe voters, does that mean Cruz has more in common with Jeb, Rubio, Christie, Kasich, Fiorina than does Trump?
Is this the new norm?

This is the most contentious election since social media came on the scene.   The energized electorate plus the social media tools makes for a very unpleasant social experience.

Will there be a hangover?

How will Cruz supporters, or anyone who is now calling their social media friends "stupid," resolve their differences in a month when the nominee is all but known?

I might be limiting my FB time in the coming weeks.  I have a tendency to do the opposite of what people call "stupid," and I'd rather make my choice for the same reasons in the past:
The Buckley Principal - Voting for the most conservative in the primary, and supporting the GOP nominee in the general election.

UPDATED 1.23.16, 8:30am:

Comrade Andrea shared Kambree Nelson's video.  

7:00 mark:
I've never, in my life, been this upset. 
But I've never, in my life, been this offended.
Just another stupid Trump supporter.  Nothing to see here.

1 comment:

General P. Malaise said...

Cruz is bad news. PERIOD.

Cruz wrote the language for the senate to hand obaama the power to negotiate the TPP without having to go back to the senate and congress. carte blanche for obama nothing for the American people.

Cruz was recently outed as criminally failing to disclose as per FEC rules his large loans from Goldman Sachs (Cruz wife is Goldman Sachs VP) and Citi Bank.

Cruz is pro amnesty for illegal aliens .. Cruz's wife was on the CFR and W. Bush admin. promoting open borders.

Cruz is not NATURAL BORN by any definition. He is born American but that is not the same thing. It also shows how dishonest he is as he doesn't qualify yet runs. Obama II.

I would go as far as t say he would be a continuation of the obama term.

I could go on and on but has anyone one's mind ever been changed by a comment section?

Please open your mind and do some research. I know it is getting harder and harder to find truth in the wast web but a discerning mind can still see the truth.

good luck people you are going to need it.