Sunday, January 17, 2016

Look Who's Been a Bad Boy

What do the following Communist front-organizations here in the States have in common?
Young People's Socialist League,
Socialist Party USA,
United Packinghouse Workers Union,
American People's History Society,
Liberty Union Party, and
US Peace Council.
They have in common Democrat Presidential Candidate and current US Senator, Bernie Sanders.  A member of some, associated with others, but always focused on the overthrow of the United States.

You can read more here:  Don't Be Fooled by Bernie Sanders - He's a Die-Hard Communist.

Speech!  Speech!
I want to say how proud I am of myself for seeing the current Democrat Party for what it is back in 2006 when I started Ushanka - a bunch of Liberals Progressives Communists.

Have you seen Glorious Hat?
Comrade Diann made some modifications. 

U/T: Paul Sperry and The New York Post.

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