Monday, January 18, 2016

This is the Bottom

MSNBC calls Sanders the winner in last night's debate:

Good News Comrades!  We've hit the bottom.  It is only up from here!  (Or, it is ALL over.)

When I designed the Commie Obama hat in 2007, Obama was a fringe candidate, and the hat just went by the name "Ushanka."  When the most liberal senator in the Democrat Party was nominated in early 2008, I snatched up the coveted Internet Domain ahead of all the others. 

The reason Barack Obama was the most liberal Democrat in the US Senate was because Bernie Sanders, until last year, was an Independent with extensive links to the Communist Party.  In other words, the Democrat Party wasn't liberal enough for him.  Until last year.

The Democrats are relieved that last night's debate was their last.  They now get to share the national stage with people who have worked for a living, and who have solved problems.  We are going to see the equivalent of a spelling bee competition between an inner-city public school dropout and a home-schooled kid.  For this reason I hope our nominee will consider skipping the following debates.

MarketWatch is clearly favoring Sanders as well. 

I predict 2016 will be the year of envy and resentment in the old-media. 

Because, why would anything be different this year?

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