Tuesday, December 08, 2015

My Trump Prediction

I'm projecting here, but bear with me.

If nominated, I can see Trump skip the main debates.

One, I assume he'd still have momentum on his economic and immigration positions.  They are superior to anything the Democrat Party has to offer and they appeal to many people who would otherwise vote Democrat.

But second, I think he will understand the Democrat Party's only political strategy in 2016: 

Be seen next to a Republican.

The only credibility that a Bernie or Hillary candidacy has is when that credibility rubs off from someone who has achieved great things in life.  Someone who is accomplished.

In other words, a member of today's Democrat Party, to have any credibility, must redistribute credibility from the other side and call it his/her own.

To see evidence of this, notice how Bernie and Hillary comment on a GOP idea.  They dissect it.  Criticize it.  Find flaws.  Next time you see this, watch for Bernie or Hillary to explain their solution to the same topic.   Ooops, out of time....

Getting the votes in Vermont as a Socialist isn't an achievement, nor is riding the coat tails of your husband.  The Democrat bench is vacuous, and the best way to hide this is to distract with debates.

I predict Trump not only knows this, but that he will deny his opponent any side-by-side propaganda opportunities. 

He'd win any debate despite the MSM's effort to call it for the liberal, but that isn't my point.  My point is: sharing a stage with Trump creates an either-or proposition that delivers unearned benefits to his opponent.

There are plenty of old and new media that will serve to highlight the differences between the two and eliminate the need for debates.  I think that is sufficient, and I hope Trump does as well.

This comparison-for-credibility has bugged me for years.  It was all I thought in 2008 when I saw this photo:

Do you see it too?

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