Sunday, December 27, 2015

Gun New III

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Comrade Kenny (Knuckledragg'in) predicts the dear leader will go for broke with gun-control in his last year.  He posts a list of goals he expects Obama to pursue.  The desperation for a single accomplishment after 8 years in office is strong with that one.

Comrade and hat owner, Wild Bill, responds to a similar list:

Comrade Rob (Sharp as a Marble) reminds us the Liberals Progressives Communists are masters at using language as a tool to achieve control and redistribute our rights away.  Good advice.
They don’t care about ‘guns on the street’, they are worried about guns in the hands of the people they want to control. But they use phrases like ‘getting guns off the street’ because it’s a generalization that is meant to make you look like a horrible person if you disagree.
Comrade Oleg (Oleg Volk Blog) recommends the new book, Infringed, for those interested in making sense of gun-control laws.

Comrade Angry Mike (Angry Mike's Hood) points us to this helpful article about "assault" weapons:  Lies You Are Told About Assault Weapons, by Matt MacBradaigh.
Rifles, of which so-called “assault rifles” are a subset, accounted for just 2.55% of all homicides in 2011. Mass murder accounts for less than 100 dead out of nearly 13,000 homicides.
Comrade Kelly Grayson posts Comrade, hat owner, and Gun Blogger Tam's (View From The Porch) Fun Show Song:

Last, a PSA from Angry Mike:

If I were to own a gun, I'd buy my ammo, in bulk, at SGA.

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