Saturday, December 12, 2015

Gun News II

This post is part two.  Part one is here.

Both posts are about the latest gun-buying craze.  First, after the Paris terror attack.  And now the craziness following the San Bernardino workplace violence terror attack.

The most recent gun news:

My compliments to the South Park creators with their most recent anti-politically correct season 19 episode, PC Principal Final Justice.  They picked up on the gun-buying craze and shared their version of the American gun show.  Hilarious.

Comrade Ken over at Knuckledraggin shares his recent gun store experience.

Our comrade who works a mid-west gun store, who I mentioned in my previous post, called me this week.  He reports they sold 18 AR-15 rifles - their entire stock - in one day.  They have a waiting list now that they will call when the next batch arrive.

Fear is an amazing thing.  I was sleeping atop the Northridge earthquake in 94.  When the destruction ended, I grabbed three things: my wife, my infant son and my .45.  When we made it outside of our crumbling condo, I saw that my neighbors were also carrying guns.  It was funny then and it is funny now.

The gun-buying in 2009-2011 was in response to an anti-American getting elected president, and the obviousness of a coming American decline.  If a majority of Americans can vote for Hope and Change, they can vote to take your house, your bank account, your rifle.  I contributed to that first gun-buying frenzy for those reasons.

Today the fear is Terrorism exacerbated by open borders.  It feels like Obama is inviting criminals and terrorists into the country because he is inviting criminals and terrorists into the country.  For those who sat out of Frenzy #1, their distrust of the government to protect them, their families and their property is fueling Frenzy #2.  I would urge them to follow my advice to new gun owners in post #1.

Our betters in government have painted themselves into a corner.  They will be forced into a decision in the coming days:
1) Either restore the security of America and its citizens as top priority, or
2) Limit free speech by silencing critics like me, removing criticism like this post, and tracking those who read this.
UPDATED 4:30pm: Adding related items of interest...

Comrade and author Matt Bracken shared Fred's latest sarcastic masterpiece: Allahu Akbar! :The View from 2018

And this would just be another news story, if it hadn't happened less than 5 miles from my house.  GP: Liberal Judge Behind Racial Profiling Ban Is Victim of Brutal Black Robbery and Beating (Video)

And a FB Comrade shared this today:

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