Thursday, December 03, 2015

San Bernardino

I've been late to post on the terror attack in San Bernardino yesterday.  Would you believe I was waiting for them to announce the motive?

You'll excuse me if I go straight to the partisan stuff.  I've said before, these public shooting attacks are the new norm in Obama's America, and I don't want you to expect me to post outrage after each event.

First, the obligatory image.  It is timeless.

Screen capture of the Day - Gateway Pundit:

Have you noticed our fellow right-wing extremists have found their voice when it comes to these predictable events?  Further, the network to share these is better than ever.

Here are a few of the best memes I captured within 24 hours after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino.  My compliments to the comrades behind these:

As to the announcements:

dear lame-duck leader -
Enough is en-blah blah, blah blah...
As for the dear leader doing everything he can to not call yesterday's terror attack "terror," I think I may have an idea as to why.  I am unable to find the video, but I remember it as if it were yesterday.  Amb. John Bolton was on FoxNews discussing Obama's War on Terror strategy back in 2008 or early 2009, and he cut through the noise and said, effectively, this:  "Obama's strategy is a success if his term ends without a terror attack on US soil."  Fair.  Precise.  Correct.

We've been hit multiple times now, and each time we hear the spin, from 'workplace violence' to 'we are not at war with Eurasia.'  The American people have tuned him out and have headed to the gun store.  Over 185,000 guns were purchased last Friday.  We shared a story about this shortly after the Paris attacks.

Muslim Muzammil Siddiqi - Orange County Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR - Terrorists)
We don’t know the motives. Is it work, rage related? Is it mental illness? Is it extreme ideology? At this point it’s really unknown to us.
FBI - Treating this as:
Possible terrorism.
Tactical vests.  Reinforced vehicle.  Two accomplices.  Muslims.  Recent travel to Saudi Arabia.  1700 rounds of .223 loaded and ready.  Hard drives erased the day before.  15 pipe bombs.  Suspicious behavior for weeks.

"Possible terrorism" is the FBI's way to say something without saying it.  Just following orders...

Explaining these public statements.  Let me be blunt.

The dear leader's role is to exacerbate the decline in values and standards with the ultimate goal of destroying Western Civilization.  He tried this with gun control, with climate change, with executive orders and other half-assed efforts.  He found the magic in his immigration (open borders) policy.

Siddiqi is being honest when he says he does not know the motive of his fellow muslims.  After 1600 years of inbreeding, the entire muslim population has such a reduced IQ that critical analysis of the facts will never be possible.

Similarly, the FBI has suffered over two generations of Affirmative Action, thus reducing the standards to the point that any mouth-breather can get a job there.  It was once the pinnacle of law enforcement and national security.  Now it is a political appendage of the white house and the democrat party disguised as a laboratory of diversity and harmony.

Winks of sleep lost: 0

Because I read Comrade Matt Bracken's Tet, Take Two essay and two other Religion of Peace posts the day before.

My post with those links.

UPDATED 12.4.15 11:30am:

My fellow comrades of the right wing are livid that the dear leader won't call the attack "terrorism."  One has even channeled the late Sam Kinison as our spokesperson:

My suggestion: ignore the regime.  Drudge didn't have any hangups about making the call.  Neither did millions of Americans who have taken responsibility for their own protection.

A couple good links to check out:

Pamela Geller posts some photos of the weapons and asks, "Who paid for this?"
Noah Rothman does a great job connecting radical Islam with/to the Democrat Party.

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