Tuesday, December 15, 2015

GOP Rankings Report - Dec 15

Ushanka's 10th GOP Rankings Report - December 15:

You can see the criteria for this report - here.


I added an 8th Foreign Policy sub-category: Stop Muslim Immigration.  I'm embarrassed I didn't come up with that first.  A hearty Ushanka Tip to Trump for this one.

I knocked some candidates for their internal attacks this week.  Bush, Paul and even Trump decided to weigh-in on their competition within the GOP rather than spend their time telling us what Obama F**kups they will fix, or how they differ from the Hillary/Bernie threat.

I could not find a single change to the candidates websites since my last review.  Some are getting desperate and there are rumors some may drop out soon, yet not a single candidate has chosen to clarify or improve or even state his/her positions on their site.  This is the party of businessmen?

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