Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Book Review: SJWs Always Lie

Book Review: SJW’s Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police, by Vox Day.  October 13, 2015.  236 pages.


I recommend this book for my fellow anti-Communists.

Your parents called them “hippies.”  I call them “commie pinko bed-wetting libs.”  They call themselves “progressives.” Vox Day calls them SJWs, short for Social Justice Warriors.

The terms change with the generations, as do the tactics.  But the Marxism stays the same  The goal to bring an end to Capitalism and Western Civilization stays the same.  The lying stays the same.

Vox Day does an excellent job at describing the new tactics of the left in his new book, SJW’s Always Lie.  He’ll bring you up to speed with these new destructive methods, walk you through many of their recent successes, describe an SJW attack that he defeated, and give you rules and strategies to use to overcome this latest Marxist menace.

The goal of this book is to show you how SJWs operate, teach you how to see through their words, explain how to correctly anticipate their actions, and give you the weapons you need to successfully thwart their inevitable attempts to disqualify you, discredit you, and destroy your reputation.
This book could be titled: #GamerGate - An After-Action Review.  I’ve seen enough #GamerGate activity to know that a group of game enthusiasts are fighting leftist hoards.  Our comrade, Davis Aurini, dedicated a good portion of last year to open a new front in that battle.  Yet, I could never make sense of the actual story.  SJWs Always Lie will explain it all, and while not a gamer myself, I realized just how important this fight is for all of us.  The author shares his lessons-learned from the #GamerGate battles and he shows the reader the many spin-off benefits that have come from #GamerGate. 

Take a look at my book notes for this book to see many selected quotes.  You’ll get a sense of the call-to-arms Vox Day has published.  And, I suspect, all readers will gain a better view of the exposure they have to potential social justice attacks.  Read SJWs Always Lie, and follow this advice to prepare for your victory against the filth that is the social justice warrior.

I have added this book to the Ushanka Library book list at the left.

U/T: Comrade Matt Forney for telling me about this book.

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