Saturday, December 05, 2015

With Governments Like These . . .

The San Bernardino Terror Attack reinforced this observer's assumptions about the US Federal Government's focus on National Security and the safety of its citizens.

It isn't lacking.

It doesn't exist.

Check out these three new-media links from yesterday and today.  No need to go read them.  The titles say it all:  fake address, radical ties, DHS incompetence.
Gateway Pundit:  EXCLUSIVE: Tashfeen Malik Should NEVER Have Been Granted US Visa=> Used Fake Home Address That Doesn’t Exist

Weasel Zippers:  State Department Satisfied With Visa Process That Allowed Tashfeen Malik Into U.S., Despite Terrorist Giving Phony Address

Weasel Zippers:  Terrorist Tashfeen Malik Associated With Radical Mosque, Preacher In Pakistan, So How Did She Pass DHS Vetting?
Here is how many hours it took to determine the active shooter news out of San Bernardino was terror related:
My Facebook Comrades:  3 hours (when Farook's name was known)
The New Media*:  8 hours
The Federal Government**:  48 hours
The Old Media***:  Pending
* I went through Weasel Zippers' posts from Wednesday (day of attack) to determine their first post that links the attack to terrorism.  WZ original post: Dec. 2nd 4:30pm.  WZ post confirming Islamic terrorism: Dec. 3rd 12:31am.

** I submit that the government came out yesterday to admit the attack in San Bernardino was terrorism only because they realized they had lost all legitimacy. 

*** The New York Post is the exception with this cover the following day.

The solution is simple:
1) Remove Democrats from power, in all branches, and
2) Cut the Federal budget, all civilian and military, by 50% and force their managers to prioritize their activities based on citizen safety, then
3) Continue to trim areas where waste and sloth still exist.
If we do those three things I will no longer have a reason to post images like these below. 

Last, we need to de-link the Federal government's actions (in-actions) from what we see on the news.

The first responders in active shooter situations are either armed/courageous citizens, or local law enforcement.  The police and San Bernardino sheriff's deputies did an excellent job in Wednesday's attack.  The Feds were caught flat-footed, partially due to bloat and the effects of decades of Affirmative Action, and partially due to politicized managers with no interest or knowledge of national security matters.

Be sure to know the difference, and reject these false links.

The only credibility the Federal government has from Wednesday's attack in San Bernardino is the credibility they redistributed from local law enforcement after the fact.

A hearty Ushanka tip to those officers on the scene.

UPDATED 12.7.15 11am:

WRSA gives us another DHS image for future overuse:

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