Sunday, December 20, 2015

Blogroll Changes

First, returning from early retirement, Comrade Remus and his Woodpile Report.  I've removed the "Ret." from his link in the Ushanka blogroll.  I cannot express how excited I am to see his return.  He is as entertaining as he is enlightening.  He is one of the best.

Added: Gates of Vienna and Changed: Pamela Geller (was AtlasShrugged).  Islam is in the news more everyday, and there are no better sites where one can keep informed on this subject than these.

Moved: Pamela Geller.  Moved to the Commercial section of the blogroll.  Her site has many ads including popups.

Added: Black Man with a Gun.  I had the honor to do some shoot'in with David Cole, a regular columnist at Black Man with a Gun.  David is a valuable informed resource with current gun laws and gun-control proposals.  His latest article: Enemy of the State, where he discusses the dishonesty of restricting gun ownership based on the terrorist list.

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