Monday, December 07, 2015

Trump Drops a Nuke

Old-media Obama network, MSNBC, comes to the defense of America's muslims.  Today's news:

The MSNBC gal can't remember when this nation did such a ban.  She may want to study how Democrat FDR treated the Japanese in the early 40's.


As much fun as it is to tune into MSNBC when news like this hits, I would have rather been in the Kasich or Bush campaign HQs.  Those campaigns have been waiting for a Trump mistake for months now.  It is their only strategy.   I'm guessing there were a lot of high-fives, followed shortly by an even worse depression.  "Why aren't our donors calling back?"

For liberals progressives communists, and their like minded RINO Republicans like Kasich and Bush, there is good news.  We live in a democracy and everyone will have a chance to vote on this abhorent, hateful suggestion.

But let's be clear if Trump wins next November.  It was today's announcement that won the day, and it is the libs and rinos that need to suck it up or head to Canada.  Does that sound fair?

And while I have the floor...  This democracy allows, nay protects, free speech.  There is nothing, nor has there been anything in the past 15 years, to stop any American muslim to speak out against murder and terrorism.  To not speak is a choice, and the silence is as clear as a shout.

This is going to be an interesting presidential season.

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