Tuesday, December 01, 2015

GOP Rankings Report - Dec 1

Here is the latest report:

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Since the last report:

I added the Domestic Policy category: Eliminate every Obama executive order and regulation.  Only Gov. Bush has made this promise.

I added the Foreign Policy category:  Full anti-ballistic missile deployment in Europe.  Only Fiorina has made this promise.

Gov. Jindal has dropped out.

Gov. Kasich did not drop out despite receiving one vote in this recent Iowa poll:

Candidate Website Review:

The ratings are unchanged for 6 weeks now.

The only candidate website change I could find: Trump has added a VA Reform Issue, where he promises to fire the managers who have let our veterans down.

That's it.  In the last two weeks of this presidential race, only one of thirteen candidates has added something to his website.

Cruz, Fiorina, Kasich and Pataki still believe they can be taken seriously as candidates without putting an Issues tab on their websites.  Let alone any promises.

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