Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mark Stein: How We Lose

Mark spoke before the Danish Free Press Society in September. 

The conference focus: "'The Danish Muhammad cartoon crisis in retrospect' marking the 10 years anniversary of the publications of the Muhammad cartoons." - YouTube

Serious.  Funny.  Angry.  Spot on.

10:00 mark:
I am not prepared to surrender an inch of the civilized world to barbarians, which is the choice we have been faced with.  And I'm not prepared to watch the lights go out on Denmark, and Sweden, and Norway, and Slovenia, and Belgium, and Luxembourg, and Canada, and Australia, and think that, you know, you can have one little redoubt where liberty will thrive. 

I take the same view to the civilized world that Islam takes to the Dar al-islam.  Once we hold this, we hold this forever.  And we never surrender it.
You can see the full conference video (1 hour) - here.

U/T: Chicago Boyz

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