Thursday, June 30, 2016

Big Brother Quote of the Day

FB Comrade V:
The difference between USA and USB is that one connects to all of your devices and accesses the data, and the other one is a hardware standard.

Invitations are Going Out

Now everybody can party during Trump's speech in Cleveland.

Ushanka's #NeverTrump post.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

BREXIT Quote of the Day

A 27-year old London resident explains the harassment and pressure to vote "REMAIN" in last week's vote, and the crying and calls of 'racism' after the vote.  He voted "OUT".  He also touches on a subject I'll be focusing on more in the coming weeks: Trust.
By 4am, I was elated. For the first time in my life, the people had actually delivered a resounding NO. More people turned out to vote than in the last 2 decades despite all the fear-mongering tactics, and the message to the establishment was clear: “We have no reason to trust you anymore. If you don’t want this, it must be the right thing for us. Things need to change and we are making our own decisions from now on.” This filled me with hope that we might be able to turn the tide on the horrendously corrupt political class that is swiftly turning our society into an Orwellian police state before our very eyes.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


After years of being laughed at, and after frustrating years of determined leadership, key BREXIT leader Mr. Farage gets to ask the EU globalists, "Who's laughing now?" 

And he earns himself a rare Ushanka Tribute post.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Pics of the Day

This one may be a repeat:

Fast and Furious seems so long ago.  I'm glad someone remembered it for this image:

And check out the merchandise at AAFNation!  Some excellent items for the coming 4th of July.  This t-shirt is my favorite:

UPDATED:  Beware the fine print - they need a week to ship their orders that say they are "in stock."  I ordered 8 days ago and it still hasn't shipped.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Fool Me Once

Four years ago I was fooled by the promise of Paul Ryan.

In some ways we were lucky the Romney/Ryan ticket was impotent against the dear leader who had a fresh Benghazi hanging over his head, a Stimulus program that didn't create one job, an ObamaCare bill that couldn't attract a single Republican (McCain), a government bailout of GM that handed the company to the unions (see Volt), Joe Biden, and much more.

Four million Republicans stayed home on election day 2012, and they are looking pretty damn smart today.  Had Romney/Ryan won, we'd be getting ready to re-elect that old, tired class of RINO Republicans again.  Had they won in 2012, there wouldn't be a Trump nominee today.

Ryan is now the Speaker of the House.  His party affiliation may be Republican, but he is doing everything he can to undermine the Republican Party nominee.  As we get nearer to November, I will be posting on Sarah Palin's campaigning for Ryan's challenger, Paul Nehlen, in Wisconsin.

U/T: FB Comrade Donny

UPDATED 5mins later...

GP has a post today on Ryan:  Paul Ryan Goes Rogue: Disses Trump and Releases His Own Tax Plan to ‘Unify Republicans’ After Divisive Primary

Friday, June 24, 2016

Germany Shooting Coverup

A day before the UK was to vote on leaving the EU, a man walked into a movie theater in Viernheim Germany.  The police killed the gunman, and 25 people were injured.

Details were scarce that day.  Then no details emerged yesterday.  And a Google News search shows that no new information was posted today.  Look at the dates from this screenshot, taken June 24th at 7:15pm - over two days since the event:

Two items from The Guardian on Wednesday:
According to several reports in German media, the man was wearing a balaclava and carrying combat boots and a “long weapon”, with a munition belt slung over his shoulder.

[Police:] “We have no indications regarding the motive, but we can say with certainty that the attack did not have an Islamist motive.”
Me thinks:
1) This was hushed to not give the last minute BREXIT enthusiasts a surge at the polls.
2) The shooter was a Muslim.
3) It was an act of terror.
4) It is still hushed to not give the BREXIT fans in other countries ammunition for their own exit campaigns.
5) It won't matter.  Too many young male 'refugees' are in Europe and 'lone wolf' terror attacks will be more than can be covered-up.  More countries will reclaim their sovereignty in the coming years, and their first acts of independence will be to expel the Muslims within their midst. 

The wheels are coming off for the collectivists, globalists and other anti-freedom scum who are trying to hold this all together.

I'm more optimistic than I've been in years.  You?

U/T: Catherine the Great

UPDATED 9:30pm:

A FB Comrade adds:
He took hostages. The police killed him. The injuries to the hostages was from the police tossing tear gas in the theater.
Perhaps every guess above is incorrect.  It wouldn't be the first time.  Remember, I am the product of the public school system. 

Still, no new news.  No updates. No name. No motive.  No confirmation of all the weapons and gear he had.  N O T H I N G.

One could surmise - if one were to be so suspicious and distrustful of government bureaucrats who won't lift a finger for the citizens yet will put in overtime hours to cover their mistakes - that the media and the MSM are partnered in this.  

You don't see am MSM article asking these questions, do you?  And if the government had anything to say, we'd see it in the MSM.  Right?

UPDATED 6.26.16 9:42pm screenshot:  

Nothing new.

UPDATED 7.2.16:

It has been 9 days, and a Google News Search shows nothing new since the day of the event.  

Brexit: Thoughts UPDATED and BUMPED

[orig post 6.23.16 12:39pm]

First, a WSJ primer:

And an analogy:

The European Union is a committee.

When a lame-brained idea is presented to the Glorious Hat management team, usually from those pecker-heads in marketing, I go to a tried and true process of killing it.  Perhaps I can just say "no" since I'm the head of the organization, but that hurts peoples' feelings and we are all about 'feelings' at Glorious Hat.  So the next best option is to instead say "Great idea!  Form a committee and present a road map for success."  They buy it every time, and every time the committee fails to perform.

It is no different in the European Union.  A bunch of people - un-elected, BTW - collect salaries, sit in rooms, and tell themselves how smart they are.  Opportunists, like Greece, milk the system for all its worth while the productive, like zGermans, work harder to keep the whole thing propped up.

Committees fail.  The European Union will fail.  Perhaps the end will start today in the UK.  Perhaps things will have to get a bit more desperate before countries pull out.

More thoughts:

I think the European Union is a failure, and it's breakup is just a matter of time.

I think this vote in the UK today is the same vote we face in November: Keep open borders, or close the borders.  If they don't exit today, I expect them to reconsider after 126 migrant rapes occur in the same hour as they did in Cologne in January.

I doubt this vote would be as close as it appears if it were not for Trump.  Trump'ism is spreading.  People with their principles and values still intact are finding their balls and emulating Mr. Trump.  I see a wave of boldness sweeping the land.  Especially with regards to immigration.  And immigration is what the Brexit vote today is really about.

"That goes without saying."

The word of the day is sovereignty. Very few in the UK know what this word means.
1. the quality or state of being sovereign, or of having supreme power or authority.
2. the status, dominion, power, or authority of a sovereign;royal rank or position; royalty.
3. supreme and independent power or authority in government as possessed or claimed by a state or community.
4. rightful status, independence, or prerogative.
5. a sovereign or independent state, community, or political unit.
Brexit is "We Are the World" globalism vs. the concept of independent nation states.

In my precious metals video 10 days ago I suggested Brexit would be good for the price of gold.  Since then gold has dropped as the odds of Brexit have dropped too.  I now am uncertain how the price of precious metals will factor in a UK exit.  There are reasons both ways:  The price of gold goes up on the uncertainties and unknowns of how an exit occurs, and how smooth it would go.  But the price of gold could go up without an exit, as no exit means status quo, and status quo means economic inefficiencies, continued mass immigration and continued currency shenanigans.

In other words, I don't know.

Other opinions:

Illiuminati Silver (YouTube): predictions on Brexit, currencies and precious metals.

Captain Capitalism (Aaron Clarey):  Brexit overview video - 28min.

Conservative Treehouse has a great post, with videos, on Brexit.

UPDATED 8:30pm:

Reuters wants the nail-biter. 

UPDATED and BUMPED 6.24.16 7:00AM:

Damn.  They did it.

Ken Denninger:

It's about damn time someone took their nation back.

Now Brits, if you're serious -
For starters:
Kick out every single Muslim and build a mall on top of every single mosque.
Restore citizen gun rights.
Restore castle doctrine and establish concealed carry.
Establish single, flat consumption tax.
Build a couple modern aircraft carriers and their battle groups.
Reignite British patriotism.
They really did it.


UPDATED 6.24.16 2:30pm:

A new Can't Stump the Trump Farage.  Great quotes and editing, as always:

UPDATED 6.24.16 4pm:

MW: "Probably"

Comrade and gun-blogger, Tam, on FB today:
Up until yesterday it was very progressive to support the self determination of people in democratic elections. I guess that stuff is only for the Libyans and Sudanese, not crackers.
Does the Hollywood cocktail crowd still want #Tibexit? Asking for a friend.
 And Comrade and author, Matt Bracken, shared these on FB:

UPDATED 6.24.16 10pm:

ZH:  Google Searches For "Buy Gold" Soar 500% After Brexit

Probably nothing.

And from a FB Comrade:

UPDATED 6.25.16 10:30am:

Two more from FB comrades!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Pic of the Day

There are some smart fkers out there.

Quote of the Day

FB Comrade K:
What is the difference between Chernobyl and Barack Obama?

One is a communist experiment that turned into the biggest disaster the world has ever seen.........The other is a Russian nuclear reactor.

 Remember Comrades, communist jokes are not funny, unless everyone gets them.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Videos of the Day

Here are some select YouTube videos, posted today, that have not [yet] been censored:

The concept of the purchase and transfer of private property - 2mins:

Comrade Wild Bill explains how the NeverTrump losers are puppets of the left - 3.5mins:

And Stefan Molyneux interviews author Vox Day - 2hours.  You can see my December 2015 review of Vox Day's book, SJWs Always Lie - here.

Trump's Attack on Hillary

An excellent review of just a few of Hillary's crimes and a review of his plans for his first 100 days:

A great speech with some timeless quotes, despite a lousy microphone and Trump's continued struggle with the teleprompter.

When it comes to teleprompters, Trump is no Obama.  But when it comes to a true community organizer, Obama is no Trump:

Inner cities which have been horribly abused by Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party will finally, finally, finally be rebuilt.
Our country is going to start working again.

People are going to start working again.

Parents are going to start dreaming big for their children again.  Including parents in our inner cities.

Americans are going to start believing in their country.

We are going to make America rich again.

We are going to make America safe again.

We are going to make America great again - great again for everyone.

To get an idea of how great today's speech was, let's check in with some of the Bitter Cruzingers who sacrificed their careers and credibility this election year:

What a great year.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Quote of the day

Trump, yesterday with O'Reilly:
I do regret calling her Pocahontas. It was a tremendous insult insult to Pocahontas.
What a fun year!


Monday, June 20, 2016

Censorship - The DOJ Gets Into the Game

It isn't just social media that is silencing conservative thought.  They aren't the only ones threatened by Donald J. Trump.

Like cockroaches fearing the kitchen light, in November many are set to lose the dark in their careers (NeverTrump and Bitter Cruzingers), in their influence (GOPe, political consultants on both sides, etc.), in their power (Democrats), in their access (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and in their scams (Clinton Foundation, Clinton Email server, Clinton Machine, etc.).

Loretta Lynch, the new commissar of the Dept. of Justice wants to redact words from the Orlando massacre like "Allah," and "Islamic State."  Here is FoxNews reading the DOJ transcript, where "Allah" is changed to "God," and "Islamic State" and "ISIS" are omitted.

Apparently, she has reversed herself.  But now the waters have been tested.  She has dipped her toe in and there were zero calls for her resignation or impeachment from the congressional Republican majorities.  Zero.  Watch for more, bolder censorship in the near future. 

All part of the slippery slope.  Eight years ago there'd be a loud outcry at the failure of the FBI to take serious a man who was reported to them more than once for radical language and behavior.  From co-workers both civilian AND police.  We have new standards now, and if the FBI drops the ball and 49 get murdered in the name of God Allah, that's OK so long as the FBI comes out afterwards talking tough and stepping on the liberties of non-Muslim citizens.

November is coming fast and censorship is the latest attempt from the most desperate.  Two weeks ago it was Facebook and Twitter.  Today it is the DOJ.  Tomorrow?

Where do you draw the line?

More at:
GP: FBI Spox: We’re Redacting ISIS From Omar Mateen Transcripts “To Prevent Future Attacks” (VIDEO)

GP: Obama Replaces “Allah” with “God” in Edited Transcripts of Orlando Killer’s Calls

WZ:  FBI: On Second Thought, Releasing Redacted Copy Of Orlando 911 Transcripts Omitting References To Islam Was A Bad Idea…

Breitbart: ‘See No Sharia’: FBI Releases Censored Transcript of Orlando Jihadi’s Islamic State Pledge

Treehouse: Incredible Manipulation – Obama Administration Replaces “Allah” with “God” On Released Orlando Terrorist Transcripts…

ZH:  Feds Reverse Course, Release Full, Unedited 911 Transcript Following Public Outcry


Comrade Matt Bracken has posted his 4th and last installment of his short story, Piss Christ?  Piss Koran!.

I have copied all four parts into a Google Doc for easy formatting and reading, and to maintain a copy in the event of a government bent on silencing unpopular thought.

You can see it here.

UPDATED 6.21.16 11am:

FB Comrade Leonard suggests this is how Obama and his DOJ would handle 9-11 if it were to happen today. 

Yes.  They think we're than stupid.

Sunday, June 19, 2016



Are there any adults in government positions of responsibility that are capable of 1/100th of Churchill?

The UK was once a great country.  They don't have a Trump, so don't hold your breath thinking someone will emerge, ready to lead and ready to 'Make the UK Great Again."  For them, it is over.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Trump Protesters Exposed

Seen outside today's Trump rally in Arizona:

Useful idiots will tell you "that was just one person and it is not representative of us."

Let me pull rank here.  If you accept the following, everything you see between now and Noveber will make sense.  Trust me.
The hammer and sickle is representative. 

Communism is the opposite of what Trump represents.

Democrats do not like what Trump represents.

Democrats are Communists.
These liberals progressives communists have never toiled.  And they have never struggled.  They are redistributors of other peoples' money.  The proper term: parasites.

U/T: Breitbart

Thursday, June 16, 2016

They Never Age Well

I suppose not aging well...

... is better than not aging at all.

Today's lesson inspired by Andrea Shea-King.

Mark Steyn on Orlando

Sitting in for Rush yesterday - 15mins:

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Solving the Gay-Muslim Tension

 Solving the Gay-Muslim Tension: maybe the other Americans can give up some more rights?  Or pay higher taxes?

Posted in November 2013, but it could have been posted today. 

See!?  This white male says there is no resolution to be had.  Naysayer.

Comrade Aurini takes a guess how the liberals progressives communists will resolve today's tension between gay and muslim:
As the weeks and months progress, the Left will use this terrorist act as justification for bringing in more migrants; they will say that it was Donald Trump’s Islamophobia that drove this Musloid to murder, that it was white male homophobia which created his virulent hatred of gays, and that the solution is to hug a Mulsim and give him free resources.  Gun control will be the solution.  More parades, more public indoctrination.  A greater security state, not to monitor potential terrorists, but to monitor those of us who are calling out Islam for what it is: a religion of death and demons, a religion which glorifies in the psychological torture of boys and girls, a religion which has been a deadly threat to our civilization since its child-raping “prophet” first decided to become a desert bandit.
U/T: Comrade Diogenes

New Precious Metals Video

An Update on the Silver-to-Gold Ratio, and other items related to the topic of precious metals.

Sunday, June 12, 2016


Comrade Andrea Shea-King, a Florida resident, on FB:
The deadliest mass shooting in US history is an Islamic terror attack carried out by a registered Democrat. ‪#‎Orlando‬
The shooter's father says his boy doesn't like seeing two men kiss.  My father could say the same about me.  The good news for the shooter: men don't kiss where he is going.

A FB comrade shared this Dixon Diaz cartoon over a month ago.  Brilliant, and perfect for today.

It'll take a few days for the Democrat gays to rationalize the actions of the Democrat Muslim.  But it'll happen, and then somehow it'll be my fault again.

I'll add more later...

UPDATED 2:30pm:

Our dear leader spoke read from a teleprompter.  Here are some reactions from FB Comrades:

Obama just finished a totally emotionless, heartless statement that made it seem like he was thinking, "Now where are my golf clubs?"
Obama press conference ... no mention of potential motivation ... connection with Islam.
Yep. Another political agenda speech masked as sympathy for the victims.

Of the two choices for President this November, only one has suggested a halt to Muslim immigration.  

(The Hillary tweet above is from a year ago.  The Trump comments are from this morning.)


From a secret place on FB, where I get most of my news:
K: I'm just watching my social media blow up with people screaming hate crime and "assault rifles" need to be banned etc. then I come here and see you fuckers keeping it level headed and taking it in stride. Proud of you fuckheads, keep it up.

E: Okay what I just saw on ABC news. Omar Mateen between 2 and 5 am...made a 911 call pledging allegiance to isis and allah and also payed homage to the brothers that were responsible for the Boston bombings. Hmmm..*scratches head. If this isn't Islamic terrorism then shoot me in the foot. And on a side note, Obama just gave a speech calling it an act of terror, but not necessarily Islamic terrorism...smh. something is definitely wrong here

K: Yeah, the shithead was warped and is going to be a wonderful scapegoat for antigunners and the drama queens in the LGBT community who will use this as an example of how America hates gays etc. It's good cover and since people as a whole tend to allow the media to herd them in the most politically expedient direction I wouldn't be surprised to see this bring on a whole new wave of assaults on the 2nd amendment and individual liberties. It's pretty much in the political playbook for every budding Democrat, liberal and cuckservative.
And Comrade Andrea shares something she saw on Twitter:
Let's see. Beat his wife every day. Talked about ISIS support openly. Muslim. Afghan parents. Anchor baby. If I was scoring this one...
And then their is this:

Glenn has a suggestion for Democrats:
OMAR MATEEN, THE FLORIDA CLUB SHOOTER, was a registered Democrat, Howie Carr reports. Democrats need to purge themselves of this anti-gay hate.
I agree.

UPDATED 9:30pm:

FB Comrades are reporting MSM attempts to distract from political affiliation and ISIS link:
CNN is saying it was "mental illness."
MSNBC is saying it was "steroids."
UPDATED 6.13.16 4:45pm:

If this connection between the Democrat Party Nominee and the killer is true....
InfoWars:  Hillary Clinton’s State Dept. shut down an investigation into the mosque Orlando killer Omar Mir Siddique Mateen attended because it “unfairly singled out Muslims.”
More gems:

UPDATED 6.14.16 9am:

The NY Post presents evidence that the ISIS killer, Omar Mateen, was gay.  His friends knew it. His ex-wife knew it.  His Dad knew it.
The former classmate said he would hang out with Mateen, hitting gay bars after attending class at Indian River Community College police academy in 2006 — and one time Mateen asked him out “romantically,” according to the Palm Beach Post.

“We went to a few gay bars with him, and I was not out at the time, so I declined his offer,” the former classmate told the paper.
This is a major head-scratcher for the Democrats:

How can the 2nd worst terrorist attack in the US 
be tied to the Republicans?

UPDATED 6.14.16 10:30:

Karl Denninger addresses the 3 hour police response in  You MUST Change Your Attitude.
...the radio call to the cops from dispatch has been published.  The cops were told to take cover and not storm the building immediately despite knowing there was a man with a gun inside the building actively shooting people -- and they did exactly that, waiting hours while people who had been shot were bleeding out on the floor.

READ THIS CAREFULLY FOLKS: The cops, with overwhelming force that they demand the right to possess and use at their whim while at the same time they refuse to allow you to have and possess defensive firepower on your person in the very same situation and place, cowered outside in fear and let the patrons who had been shot and were being shot die.
UPDATED 6.14.16 12:30pm:

It may be illegal to post an image like this in the near future...

UPDATED 6.14.16 2pm:

Comrade Bracken links to this NBC story.  Apparently the killer's wife drove him to the club that night, and was also present when he bought guns and ammunition.  Interesting.

For the record:  the last time my wife joined me on a gun purchase was in 1987.  I've found it to be better for the relationship if those purchases are done alone.  Of course, unlike achmed and his fellow goat-humpers, I plan to be around for a while.