Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Solving the Gay-Muslim Tension

 Solving the Gay-Muslim Tension: maybe the other Americans can give up some more rights?  Or pay higher taxes?

Posted in November 2013, but it could have been posted today. 

See!?  This white male says there is no resolution to be had.  Naysayer.

Comrade Aurini takes a guess how the liberals progressives communists will resolve today's tension between gay and muslim:
As the weeks and months progress, the Left will use this terrorist act as justification for bringing in more migrants; they will say that it was Donald Trump’s Islamophobia that drove this Musloid to murder, that it was white male homophobia which created his virulent hatred of gays, and that the solution is to hug a Mulsim and give him free resources.  Gun control will be the solution.  More parades, more public indoctrination.  A greater security state, not to monitor potential terrorists, but to monitor those of us who are calling out Islam for what it is: a religion of death and demons, a religion which glorifies in the psychological torture of boys and girls, a religion which has been a deadly threat to our civilization since its child-raping “prophet” first decided to become a desert bandit.
U/T: Comrade Diogenes

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