Friday, June 24, 2016

Germany Shooting Coverup

A day before the UK was to vote on leaving the EU, a man walked into a movie theater in Viernheim Germany.  The police killed the gunman, and 25 people were injured.

Details were scarce that day.  Then no details emerged yesterday.  And a Google News search shows that no new information was posted today.  Look at the dates from this screenshot, taken June 24th at 7:15pm - over two days since the event:

Two items from The Guardian on Wednesday:
According to several reports in German media, the man was wearing a balaclava and carrying combat boots and a “long weapon”, with a munition belt slung over his shoulder.

[Police:] “We have no indications regarding the motive, but we can say with certainty that the attack did not have an Islamist motive.”
Me thinks:
1) This was hushed to not give the last minute BREXIT enthusiasts a surge at the polls.
2) The shooter was a Muslim.
3) It was an act of terror.
4) It is still hushed to not give the BREXIT fans in other countries ammunition for their own exit campaigns.
5) It won't matter.  Too many young male 'refugees' are in Europe and 'lone wolf' terror attacks will be more than can be covered-up.  More countries will reclaim their sovereignty in the coming years, and their first acts of independence will be to expel the Muslims within their midst. 

The wheels are coming off for the collectivists, globalists and other anti-freedom scum who are trying to hold this all together.

I'm more optimistic than I've been in years.  You?

U/T: Catherine the Great

UPDATED 9:30pm:

A FB Comrade adds:
He took hostages. The police killed him. The injuries to the hostages was from the police tossing tear gas in the theater.
Perhaps every guess above is incorrect.  It wouldn't be the first time.  Remember, I am the product of the public school system. 

Still, no new news.  No updates. No name. No motive.  No confirmation of all the weapons and gear he had.  N O T H I N G.

One could surmise - if one were to be so suspicious and distrustful of government bureaucrats who won't lift a finger for the citizens yet will put in overtime hours to cover their mistakes - that the media and the MSM are partnered in this.  

You don't see am MSM article asking these questions, do you?  And if the government had anything to say, we'd see it in the MSM.  Right?

UPDATED 6.26.16 9:42pm screenshot:  

Nothing new.

UPDATED 7.2.16:

It has been 9 days, and a Google News Search shows nothing new since the day of the event.  

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