Saturday, June 25, 2016

Fool Me Once

Four years ago I was fooled by the promise of Paul Ryan.

In some ways we were lucky the Romney/Ryan ticket was impotent against the dear leader who had a fresh Benghazi hanging over his head, a Stimulus program that didn't create one job, an ObamaCare bill that couldn't attract a single Republican (McCain), a government bailout of GM that handed the company to the unions (see Volt), Joe Biden, and much more.

Four million Republicans stayed home on election day 2012, and they are looking pretty damn smart today.  Had Romney/Ryan won, we'd be getting ready to re-elect that old, tired class of RINO Republicans again.  Had they won in 2012, there wouldn't be a Trump nominee today.

Ryan is now the Speaker of the House.  His party affiliation may be Republican, but he is doing everything he can to undermine the Republican Party nominee.  As we get nearer to November, I will be posting on Sarah Palin's campaigning for Ryan's challenger, Paul Nehlen, in Wisconsin.

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UPDATED 5mins later...

GP has a post today on Ryan:  Paul Ryan Goes Rogue: Disses Trump and Releases His Own Tax Plan to ‘Unify Republicans’ After Divisive Primary


Deserttrek said...

thanks for the posting

David said...

Paul Ryan wants to run for president in 2020, and it'd be easier to run against President Hillary...whom he knows will suck balls...than to run against an incumbent Republican President Trump.

DAN III said...

There is a bigger problem than Paul Ryan himself. The problem is the multitude of Wisconsin citizens who have voted, time and time again for this ass clown Paul Ryan. These cheesehead morons are no different than the same fools who bask in the vile hatred that the hag Hillary Clinton spews every day.

Hillary Clinton....Satan and Stalin in a pantsuit. Got rope ?

Karl said...

Agree Dan III. It is time citizens of states with poor judgement be called out. Ryan - Wisconsin. McCain - Arizona. Graham - SC.

What is it about these voters who send and resend losers - losers who stand out among losers - to DC?