Monday, August 31, 2015

Quote of the Day

On immigration, by our Comrade CA over at WRSA:
If you have a door on your home, you believe in borders.
Especially if you lock it.
He links to this Victor Davis Hanson article.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Jeb vs. W.

Comrade Matt Forney's comment on FB yesterday:
Jeb Bush is collapsing in the polls because he's a tepid nerd who wilts in the face of conflict. George W., for all his faults, was cocky and confident. Jeb is the bullied, resentful, nerdy son.
First, it is refreshing to see someone say something nice about W.  Someday, perhaps, someone will outline the media strategy that taught all Americans to start with a criticism when they speak about the former president.   I have no doubt war fatigue played a role, and W's hesitation to hit back at his critics emboldened them further.  It was a rare success story for the left to brainwash us all into finding, or making up, disgust towards one of the most honorable men to ever serve in the White House. 

I doubt Matt is a fan of W's, but he doesn't have to be to make his point.  Compared to Jeb, from any possible perspective, W rocks.  Jeb is the anti-cocky, anti-confident Bush.  Either it is his personality, or it is an act.  Either way, he's down there with Graham and Christie as the most uninspiring GOP candidates since Dole and McCain.

My $0.02: Let's drop the dynasty talk and FOCUS on defeating, or at least stalling, the communist takeover of our country.  Who is our best choice to do this?

The Censorship Begins

In Obama's America, some free speech is more free than other free speech. And the free speech that exposes the vacuousness of liberalism is free speech we can do without.

Three recent cases of censorship at YouTube:

Two weeks ago I noted YouTube's censorship of author Colin Flaherty's channel.  He posted a black-on-white mob attack that happened here in Cincinnati.  Faces were blurred out in the video, but that didn't stop YouTube for citing its Terms of Service and closing Colin's account.  (You can read more about Cincinnati's Race Problem in my recent article at American Thinker.)

I updated that same post with Comrade Aaron Clarey's video where he warned his viewers that his account may soon disappear.  He explains with colorful language:

And today, Comrade Joe Dan of Intellectual Froglegs, tells his FB friends that he too is meeting resistance at YouTube.  YouTube blocked his latest video, which can be seen here.

And ABC:

Earlier this week a gay black Obama voter shot and killed two former white co-workers, then he killed himself.  Always doing things out of order, these liberals.

ABC refuses to release his suicide note/manifesto.  The consensus:  It is full of liberal, racist, Democrat Party drivel about victimhood.  What's missing: his acknowledgement that it was Affirmative Action that helped him get his media jobs, jobs more qualified applicants were denied.  Maybe I'm wrong, but ABC's censorship seems to support these theories.

Censorship of conservative thought will only get worse:

As I've said before, YouTube and other social media sites are our best tools.  Every word that drips from the lying mouths of liberals, and RINOs, is preserved forever.  The complaints you'll hear as the election cycle ramps up will be the same as in other recent elections: "Stop using my words against me."

Comrades, we are going to have to connect in the coming days outside of these social media outlets.  If Ushanka were to disappear tomorrow, how would we communicate?  If we haven't connected on email, you will be cut off from my thoughts, and I yours.  I make it a point to connect with other like-minded comrades, and you should too.  Here I am with Aaron, and Joe Dan.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

GOP Candidate Website Review #3

Disappointing.  Again.

Only one candidate has updated his Issues page on his website in the past two weeks.

The scores above are the average of two numbers:
1) Issues Tab?  If yes, then 3.  If no, then 0.  And,
2) A ranking of the promises on the Issues Page.  3 = Specific promises.  2 = Some promises.  1 = A promise, or strong position stated.  0 = No promises or no Issues page.

Trump added an Positions page to his website.  It has only one issue: Immigration.  Do you know his position on Education, China, Energy, or Health Care?

Neither do I.

For six months now only four candidates have met, not set, a standard for an Issues page:  Perry, Rubio, Huckabee and Paul.  The other twelve don't have an Issues page, or have an Issue link that takes the poor reader to a bunch of noise.

Maybe I'm 'old school,' but when I click a presidential candidate's Issues link, the first word I want to see is "I".  As in, "I will repeal ObamaCare," or "I will deploy anti-ballistic missiles in Poland."  Instead, most of these guys want to tell you a story about how we got here, or what they did somewhere else.

Like I said above, disappointing.

I can think of five reasons why Bush, Cruz, Fiorina, Kasich, Pataki, and Walker do not have Issues links, and why Christie, Graham, Santorum have mediocre Issues pages.
1) They are afraid to take a stand on an issue and lose donations because of it,
2) They think of the website as only a tool to collect donations, and expect us to go search YouTube and Google to find their campaign promises,
3) They are incompetent managers overwhelmed with the demands of the campaign,
4) They are trying the Obama strategy of letting the voters assume the candidate’s positions, or
5) They have no position on anything other than to be President.
I am preparing the third GOP Rankings Report.  Be sure to check back on Tuesday.


I decided to share this review with the candidates.  But only six candidates of the sixteen share an email address on their website:

Friday, August 28, 2015

Tab Clearing

38 pages of good stuff this week.  Most of the selected articles have to do with the recent stock market kerfuffle.  The DOW came back up this week, but is still down 6% for the month.

Fred reminds us "A country deserves what it tolerates. And gets more of it" in his latest column on the current race issues: Applied Racial Anencephaly: Making Things Worse.  I really appreciate his comments on the media.  (This matches up pretty well with my article this week: Cincinnati's Race Problem.)
None of these media delicates will ever have walked a foot beat in a bad section, fired a gun, or imagined what it is like to be in a dark building with a criminal you can’t see and who may be armed. The talking heads seem to have no idea of the intensity of the anger and hatreds in the country. Notice how puzzled they are by Donald Trump’s popularity. For the price of a cup of coffee in any truck stop on I95, and a little conversation, they could have found out.

Making things worse is the norm for talking heads and the “elites.” Consider Jeff Gutenbezos, daddy of the Kindle and honcho of Amazon. In a display of his essential goodness, he recently pulled from Amazon all items containing the Confederate flag (while continuing to sell Meinkampf). Net effect? To infuriate a lot of white people, largely against blacks, without doing anything to benefit blacks.
Will denizens of the ghetto do better in school with no Confederate flags on sale at Amazon? Will they stop shooting each other? Get married before giving birth? No. But Jeff will feel good about himself. The talking heads will love him.

Making things worse.

Captain Capitalism has a lengthy post on the topic of our central bank, the "Fed," and how quadrupling (aka inflating) the nation's money supply has yet to result in massive inflation.
…I’m outright accusing them of telling a half-truth, because (if they're economists) they know this low level of inflation, IN SPITE OF A NEAR TRIPLING OF THE MONEY SUPPLY, is due to a TANKING of the "velocity of money."  Why the Federal Reserve Ain't No "Jesus Christ"

Without boring the reader, the velocity of money is the rate at which a dollar is re-spent.  So you can theoretically have a low money supply, but if people keep spending (either because of faith in the future or a market bubble) instead of saving, you can trigger inflation still.  However, the opposite is happening today, and the reasons are (I claim) the total disheartening and destructive effects socialist policies (primarily under Obama) has had on investors, purchasers, innovators, entrepreneurs, businessmen and other productive members of society.  The constant assail and assault against "the rich," "corporations," "success," and the always-available evil and hated "white males" has thrown sand into America's most productive economic engines, tanking faith and hope in the future, and thus the velocity of money.  And though this has slowed economic growth considerably, this grants the Federal Reserve's "Jesus Strategy" a reprieve in that their money printing has not caused inflation.

ZH reports China has sold over $100b in US Treasuries, and explains this means higher interest rates going forward.  It's Official: China Confirms It Has Begun Liquidating Treasuries, Warns Washington.
. . . China has likely sold somewhere on the order of $100 billion in US Treasuries in the past two weeks alone in open FX ops to steady the yuan. Put simply, as part of China's devaluation and subsequent attempts to contain said devaluation, China has been purging an epic amount of Treasuries.
Selling our treasuries?  Did they really expect subprime America to pay off our debts?!

More China and currency-war discussion at the WSJ today with Niall Ferguson's op-ed, ‘Chimerica’ and the Rule of Central Bankers.
Before the 2008 financial crisis, Chimerica was a marriage of opposites. China saved, exported and lent. America consumed, imported and borrowed. For a few heady years, the odd couple were happy together. Not only did the glut of Chinese savings lower the cost of capital, the glut of Chinese workers reduced the cost of labor. Every asset class on the planet rallied.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Announcing: Glorious Hat!

Comrades!  As part of the new 5-year plan, the politburo has decided to re-brand the Motherland's only quality export, The Commie Obama Hat. 

The phrase, "Commie Obama Hat," is no longer approved for daily use in written or verbal communications.  You must now say: "Glorious Hat."  You must say it like you mean it, Comrades!

Hearty Ushanka Tips to:

Aaron Clarey (Captain Capitalism) - our thought leader who first uttered those magical words, "Glorious Hat."

Big Fur Hat (IOTW Report) - for the new Glorious Hat artwork that captures the consciousness of the proletariat.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Stop Me If You've Heard This One

Three Americans and a Muslim board a train in Paris. 

Oh, you've heard this one already?

Here is the President of France, Francois Hollande, not wasting any time to recognize our boys for their bravery.  The highest award: the Legion of Honor.

As it should be.

More at FoxNews.

My Latest Article: Cincinnati's Race Problem

American Thinker published my latest article, Cincinnati's Race Problem

WOW!  What an honor.  AT has the best readership on the net.  Excellent and thoughtful comments by engaged, like-minded comrades. 

The article covers my experience moving to Cincinnati from Los Angeles with regard to race relations.  Every place has its pros and cons, and I point to the elected leadership in Cincinnati as the enabler of racial tension.

The article just covers my $0.02.  But of the 300 comments so far, those from fellow Cincinnati residents have confirmed my observations and conclusions.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Tough Market News UPDATED and BUMPED

[orig post Friday 8.21.15 11am]

It has been a rough week on the market.  Gold has only gone up 3.5%.  What gives?

Here is a screenshot I just took at MW:

My Precious Metal videos:
Play the Ratio
Ratio Strategy #1
Ratio Strategy #1: w/ Trade Costs
Ratio Strategy #2
Updates (Jul14)
Updates (Oct 14)
Updates (Feb 15)
A Look Back

UPDATED 4:30pm:

Quite the day.

Some are saying "I told you so."  Some are saying "buying opportunity."  Some are blaming China.  Some are going to spend the weekend wondering if they should get out on Monday.

My unprofessional opinion:
  • The markets were over-valued and they had to come down.  
  • The markets are still over-valued.
  • It isn't China's fault.  China just jumped onto the devaluation bandwagon that we started.  
  • China's devaluation (measly 3%) just reminded everyone that there are other forces at play besides a company's revenue, profit and growth rate.


When the S&P500 Futures trading is halted for the first time in history, you know its bad.  I guess we know what investors decided to do over the weekend after Friday's down day.



Some of the things I'm going to be listening for before I get worried:
  • Obama announces he will intervene in the markets.
  • "More QE"
  • "Unusual activity in the derivatives markets..."
  • The Dept. of Justice announces a crackdown on speculators (people who saw this coming).

The last time I saw the market act like this, I lost my shirt in the dot-com bubble.  Same thing: rapid ups and downs, and the MSM cheerleaders saying "buying opportunity" and "spike coming."  Only years of despair followed.

Today's futures hinted we'd have a 4% spike.  We had a 2% spike, but ended the day 1% down.

We are only 4 business days into this slump and everyone is blaming China.  China devalued their currency 3% a couple weeks ago because they were tired of the US devaluing its currency and exporting inflation to China. 

Really?  We're going to blame another country for the performance of companies in our country? 

This from educated people who know better.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

This Movie Sucks

From Ukraine With Love

FB Comrade Doc sent me these.  And just in time for another Ushanka Babe post!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Colin Flaherty Censored UPDATED and BUMPED

[orig post 8.17.15 5pm]

Author Colin Flaherty's YouTube account was closed last Thursday.  WND has the full story.

He posted videos of black-on-white crime.

No racism.  No criminal intent.

Just a never-ending series of videos that support his concerns that
1) black-on-white violence is growing, and
2) the politicized media is purposely ignoring it.

I hope he turns this attack on free speech into some extra $$$.

And I hope to see a Vimeo channel soon.

Colin's Amazon Page.

UPDATED & BUMPED 8.21.15 7pm

I just communicated with Mr. Flaherty.  He tells me Vimeo has closed his account too.

It looks like the author is in stage 3...

UPDATED 8.22.15

He has a new YouTube account.  I don't know the details on how he made this happen.  Congrats Comrade Flaherty.

UPDATED 8.24.15

It'd be nice of me to share a link to his new YouTube account - here.

UPDATED 8.28.15:

Now YouTube is threatening Captain Capitalism's channel.

Quote of the Day

Mohammad cartoon champion, Bosch Fawstin, today on FB:
If black people have it so bad in America, why are white people trying to pass themselves off as black people?
A brilliant question following this week's Shaun King outing as a white man (GP).

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tab Clearing

Of the 7 articles I captured last week, here are the ones I'd recommend:

  Comrade Aaron Clarey posted this one at his blog, Captain Capitalism:  How Socialism Makes Women Barren.  Another excellent post about the demands of society of our youth, and the costs of those demands.  He asks women:
...before you get all angry at me for being the messenger telling you biological truths, you need to look back and ask who and what made it so it was basically impossible for you to have children and raise a family in today's society.
Who predominantly controls academia and benefits from you postponing your life another 4-6 years?
It's the left.
It is the left who wants to enslave you at a school where you learn nothing till you're 18.
It is the left who mandates you into thinking you need a college education to have any worth in this society.
It is the left that tells you you are oppressed and need to be freed, replacing your family with a career.
It is the left that convinces you to ignore the biological programming and demands of the (necessary) half of humanity needed to bring and raise children in this world.
And it is the left that tells you you need to spend money on stupid crap to have fulfillment in life.

The libertarian at Free-Man's Perspective criticizes us who "pour their time and money into the sewer of politics, to be lost forever" by writing a 4 page rant on said topic.  The title, It’s 460 AD in Rome: This Won’t Be Fixed," suggests the article will show parallels of one failed state with America.  Quite a valuable exercise for those of us wondering if America can recover from its recent decline.  He offers some excellent quotes from a Roman citizen, Salvan.  But he then spirals into Hillary and Chelsea Manning, names that do not belong in a 4-page post on the end of America.  He closes with suggesting we "start building something better."  Maybe he'll tell us what that is in a future post.

Francis W. Porretto at Liberty's Torch has a better post on the topic: Let It Burn:” After The Conflagration, Then What?
The number of revolutions that were followed by a state of affairs freedom lovers found preferable is very small.
Unless what collapses the existing regime also eliminates 98% to 99% of the population of this country, such men will still exist, and will strive to continue the substance of what came before. There may be a change in form, possibly a quite dramatic one. A change in substance is far less likely.
However firm you may be in your conviction that the status quo cannot be repaired by conventional means -- that it simply must fall to make room for something better -- don’t root for it. Especially, don’t work actively to collapse it in perfect confidence that what follows simply must be superior.

Vanderleun at American Digest has an excellent proposal to remind the world of the destructive capabilities of nuclear weapons: set one off.  I second the proposal, endorse his reasoning, and would even add another reason: it'd be an opportunity to test older components and verify EMP and other effects that have only been modeled on super-computers.  Hiroshima Day - or- Nukes: Time for a Live Demo:
What we need to do this is: "The Live Demo." By this I mean we need to find a small island or deserted space somewhere on the planet and sacrifice it for the greater good by setting off one, just one, low-yield thermonuclear device in the atmosphere for all the world to see.
I can assure you that having the entire world tune in for "The Live Demo" -- and the whole world will tune in -- shall give the entire planet pause. It's not enough for humans to be told about nukes. Every so often, we need to see to believe.
Related: Check out NukeMap.  Place a 'small' detonation on your home town, or 90 miles SW from your home town, and see what happens. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saturday Afternoon Cigars

I smoked a Nub Cameroon as I passed the halfway point in Death of the Family by Christopher J. Green.  This is a new book on the topic of cultural marxism.  It speaks directly to the core Ushanka warning: that a communist takeover can only occur once traditional family values and religious values are sufficiently diluted.  I'll post a review here shortly.

Cigar #2 was a Romeo as I played two games of chess with Zhukov, who brought a RP Sun Grown.  He had the white pieces.

Zhukov marched down the board in Game #1 as if he was headed into Berlin.  It wasn't even fair.

However, in game #2 (pictured), I reminded Zhukov that #BlackLivesMatter as I overcame Zhukov's white privilege with a brilliant flanking move.

Book Review: The Camp of the Saints

 by Jean Raspail.  328 pages.  1973.

I posted earlier when I started this book:
Riveting.  Disturbing.  Enlightening.  Relevant.  
It is a story of immigration on a short timeline.  It is a story of crisis-as-a-means.  
All that is still true, but I have to advise that you do not buy this book. 

I bought the Kindle version.  It is not formatted for the Kindle.  There are many typos.  The author's writing style and paragraph structure are horrible.  I didn't take notice during the fascinating parts of the book (mostly in the first half), but it was a chore to finish the book as the last half looks like something I wrote in high school.

Having said that, I promised a review, and I think this book deserves a review.  An excellent story, and clearly a brilliant author. 


I was first shocked that I had not heard of this book before.  It read like an Ayn Rand book.  The author easily shifts between dialogue of pro-western characters and the pro-immigration useful idiots.  He captures the motivations and rationalizations of each.  We hear the opinions of townfolk, government bureaucrats, media and elected leaders.  

Another Ayn Rand comparison is the publication date.  This must have been a widely dismissed book back in 1973.  But now, like an Ayn Rand book, it is clearly a warning from a very intelligent and prescient author.  

It is an accelerated story of illegal immigration.  Mass immigration.  Imagine.  You have a couple week's notice of a million immigrants headed to your shores on stolen ships.  I share the author's assumption that our government leaders will stall, hesitate and ignore the threat until it is too late.  He equally predicts the useful idiots who are anxious to welcome the 'citizens of the world' to their shores.  The author delivers these themes in such a way that no future book will compare.  (I'm only speaking to the first half of the book.)

Another comparison would be to Zombie books.  You have a hoard of beings coming for your property.  They know nothing of western life, nor have any interest in knowing.  They take, then move on to take elsewhere.  Their only feelings, per se, are that you owe them and their arrival will restore the world to its natural state.

I highlighted a lot.  Here is just a taste:
On this Easter Sunday evening, eight hundred thousand living beings, and thousands of dead ones, were making their peaceful assault on the Western World.  Tomorrow it would all be over.
There was no electricity.  Obviously, the technicians from the power plants along the coast had fled north too, with all the others, the petrified mob, turning tail and running off without a word, so as not to have to look, not see a thing, which meant they wouldn't have to understand, or even try.
The poor had overrun the earth.  Self-reproach was the order of the day; happiness, a sign of decadence.
"No hope, Doctor Hailer?"  "No hope, Mr. Mayor.  Unless you kill them all, that is, because you'll never change them.  How about that?"  "Good God, man, hardly!  Let's just wait and see what happens, and try to do the best we can..."
And you know what?  You'll have to knock at your door, your very own door, to beg for a glass of water!
Real-world drama, served in the comfort of home by that whore called Mass Media, only stirs up the void where Western opinion has long been submerged.  Someone drools at a current event, and mistakes his drivel for meaningful thought.  Still, let's not be too quick to spit our scorn its way.  Empty drivel indeed, but is shows nonetheless how reading the papers or watching the news can provoke at least the appearance of thinking.

GOP Rankings - August 15 Report

Report #2!

The ranking criteria and data is posted in this report.

The max score is 3, yet no candidate is half that.

These rankings are based on strict conservative issues, and as I mentioned two days ago, 44% of the candidates have yet to post their positions on their websites.   I anticipate rankings will go up once candidates start taking a stand on the issues.  Too hopeful?

As I was preparing this report, I noticed a theme on many of the candidates' websites.  I call these 'near misses' as the candidate is clearly for or against something, yet he fails to explain what exactly he'll do and scores a zero.  Since this report seeks specific promises, the candidates are getting zeroes when they should be getting the max score of three on particular issues.  Here are three examples:


Pushing Russia out of Ukraine is one of the six Foreign Policy subcategories.  Rubio addresses the Russian threat to European stability, yet states he will be looking for "innovative thinking from our alliance."  What kind of leader turns over his foreign policy to the French?
One such challenge is Russia’s blatant attempt to overturn the post-World War II order in Europe. Handling this crisis will require innovative thinking from our alliance. Our goal should never be to needlessly antagonize Russia, but rather to ensure our efforts to strengthen Ukraine and rollback Russian aggression are coupled with a forward-looking agenda for Russia’s own future.

The Domestic Policy section of this report has ten sub-categories.  One is tax.  Specifically, three points are awarded for replacing the tax code with a flat income or consumption tax.  One point is awarded for promises to dramatically simplify the code.  I have no doubt Carson is in favor of this thinking, yet he fails to tell us what he wants to do.  So this is his score on the tax sub-category in Domestic Policy: 0.
We need wholesale tax reform.

We need a fairer, simpler, and more equitable tax system. Our tax form should be able to be completed in less than 15 minutes. This will enable us to end the IRS as we know it.

I have never heard anyone speak more clearly on pro-life matters than Gov. Huckabee.  His website tells us what he has done in the past on this issue, yet he fails to present a plan or make a promise for what he'll do as president.  Huckabee's score on Life: 0.
As Governor, I promoted and signed a fetal protection act. I imposed a ban on partial birth abortion, established waiting periods, created parental notification requirements, and passed a bill so mothers who brought a newborn to a hospital or fire station would not be prosecuted for child abandonment.


The ranking criteria and data is posted in this report.
Report #1

Friday, August 14, 2015

Tribute Post: The Center for Medical Progress UPDATED and BUMPED

[orig post 7.27.15 3pm]

The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) tried a proven tactic to get their message across.  I suspect they are students of the late great Andrew Breitbart.  They have earned this Ushanka Tribute post.

Just as Breitbart partnered with James O'Keefe to crush ACORN with the successive rollout of anger-inducing videos, so too the CMP is executing an attack against abortion-mill Planned Parenthood.

Keep in mind, as for the political, this scandal has zero impact.  If someone had already rationalized and redefined murder as "choice," then why would they change their position now that they know the dead baby is butchered for profit?  Politically, this story is just an embarrassment to liberals.  Kind of like Bill Clinton in 1998.  Or Detroit.  Or Benghazi.  They just want it to go away.

So far CMP has released two shocking videos.  Video 1Video 2.  The CMP hints there are more videos, and so Planned Parenthood has all but admitted this (GP).  PP has done their damage assessment and must have realized they may have provided a cameraman access to the organ-harvesting operations within.   My questions:

Do they use a cleaver?
Do they harvest even if they don't yet have a buyer?
Do they they dance in the baby's blood?
Do the clinic staff receive extra compensation based on the condition of the organs?
As you know, Ushanka keeps the abortion posts to a minimum.  Not out of respect, mind you.  But because your host, Karl here, finds the topic abhorrent.  I'm a happy guy and I like to stay happy.

And now we know why they so adamantly desire late-term procedures.  Don't we?

In the DECADES that I've been following this subject, only once or twice have they ever pointed to an actual case of a woman's health justifying an abortion.  And since they pointed to it, it is suspect, as I would assume their stats on incest-pregnancies are equally inflated.  To these 'people,' ANYTHING justifies more blood and less births.

As ugly as it might sound, I've always suspected that an abortion translates into a lifelong Democrat voter.  It is easier to vote Democrat than to confront this demon.  (Of course, my heart goes out to those few who do.  I fully understand the brainwashing that happens to our young adults as I was one of them once.)

And of course, the act of sharing this opinion does not result in dead bodies.  Just liberal tears now, and an early cot in the re-education camp later.

Worse.  MSNBC rushed to defend Planned Parenthood.  I didn't make it through this, but maybe you can.  And isn't it great that YouTube is forever?

I am suspicious of any group with the word "progress" in their name, but CMP passed the test with both their videos and their mission statement:
The Center for Medical Progress is a group of citizen journalists dedicated to monitoring and reporting on medical ethics and advances. We are concerned about contemporary bioethical issues that impact human dignity, and we oppose any interventions, procedures, and experiments that exploit the unequal legal status of any class of human beings. We envision a world in which medical practice and biotechnology ally with and serve the goods of human nature and do not destroy, disfigure, or work against them.
My own contribution to the memes:

From Ann Coulter's 2007 book, Godless: The Church of Liberalism:
No liberal cause is defended with more dishonesty than abortion. No matter what else they pretend to care about from time to time--undermining national security, aiding terrorists, oppressing the middle class, freeing violent criminals--the single most important item on the Democrats' agenda is abortion. Indeed, abortion is the one issue the Democratic Party is willing to go to war over--except in the Muslim world, which is jam-packed with prohibitions on abortion, because going to war against a Muslim nation might also serve America's national security objectives.  To a liberal, 2,200 military deaths in the entire course of a war in Iraq is unconscionable, but 1.3 million aborted babies in America is something to celebrate.

The Orwellian dishonesty about abortion begins with the Left's utter refusal to use the word abortion. It would be as if members of the National Rifle Association refused to use the word gun. These "pro-choicers" treat abortion the way Muslims treat Mohammed. It's so sacred, it must not be mentioned.
The only other practice that was both defended and unspeakable in America like this was slavery....

Abortion is the sacrament and Roe v. Wade is Holy Writ.

CMP could have just accused Planned Parenthood of selling baby parts, but we know that would have gone nowhere.  This effort to gather evidence and release in increments has led to a grand slam against America's abortion mills.  Bravo!

CMP's YouTube Channel.

My original post on this topic: Ghouls.

My Roe Effect video from 2008.  (My math was right and analysis correct, but oh my conclusions were wrong!)

My 2014 article about Obama's lust for infanticide.
U/T: FB comrades for providing the cool images.  Especially comrade Ben!

UPDATED and BUMPED 8.14.15:

Another shout-out to CMP.  The ghouls at Stem Express have severed their contract with the ghouls at Planned Parenthood (GP).  PP will now have to find another buyer of their baby parts.  And, as the CMP videos clearly show, they were always seeking out that higher demand.

In a sane world, PP would have been forcibly shut down within 24 hours of the first CMP video.  Today's news is the next best thing.