Thursday, August 06, 2015

Tab Clearing

I've collected a bunch of articles again.  Not many made the grade this time, but they are all available to you at this Google Doc if you want.  29 pages.

Comrade Ann Barnhardt went there.  "There" being the next step in the Democrat Party's journey to hell - the human consumption of aborted babies.  I've been trying to find a way to present this concept, but I always bow out because it is just too ugly.  Ann isn't making this stuff up - she points to China as a place where.  this.  already.  takes.  place.

Jason Hart offers two posts at Doug's site about Ohio's John Kasich's embrace of ObamaCare.  Just in time for tonight's first GOP debate.  Article 1, and Article 2.  The stunning revelation: Kasich is quoted as saying a decision to partner with DC on healthcare should NOT involve ideology. 

The Telegraph has a fascinating article about Saudi Arabia and their recent move to flood the market with oil.  Ambrose Evans-Prichard shows how this was a terrible move in the short term, and that the kingdom will be doomed in less than ten years.  This is the best analysis I've seen that addresses the survivability of our fracking against the long-term drop in oil prices.  In short, we win, they lose.  What he doesn't address: how the Saudi decline will impact 'peace' in the Middle East in the coming years.

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