Thursday, August 13, 2015

GOP Website Review #2

Perhaps in 2020, assuming America still exists, we'll have presidential candidates who plan ahead and decide how they stand on the issues of the day.   Apparently, this is too much to hope for in 2016.

Here are the results from my second website review.  Still embarrassing, but some improvements.

The scores above are averages of two scores:
1) Does the candidate have an Issues tab on his site (0-3), and
2) If so, does the candidate address the issues with specific plans (0-3)?
44% of the 2016 Republican candidates do not have an Issues link on their websites.

Of the ones who do, the issues they address are either few or lacking any specific plan. 

Huckabee and Paul have the best Issues lists. Jindal made the greatest improvement since the last review.

My preferred candidate scored another big fat zero.  I will be sending a link of this post to his site.

I'll post my second GOP Rankings Report this Friday.

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