Saturday, August 15, 2015

GOP Rankings - August 15 Report

Report #2!

The ranking criteria and data is posted in this report.

The max score is 3, yet no candidate is half that.

These rankings are based on strict conservative issues, and as I mentioned two days ago, 44% of the candidates have yet to post their positions on their websites.   I anticipate rankings will go up once candidates start taking a stand on the issues.  Too hopeful?

As I was preparing this report, I noticed a theme on many of the candidates' websites.  I call these 'near misses' as the candidate is clearly for or against something, yet he fails to explain what exactly he'll do and scores a zero.  Since this report seeks specific promises, the candidates are getting zeroes when they should be getting the max score of three on particular issues.  Here are three examples:


Pushing Russia out of Ukraine is one of the six Foreign Policy subcategories.  Rubio addresses the Russian threat to European stability, yet states he will be looking for "innovative thinking from our alliance."  What kind of leader turns over his foreign policy to the French?
One such challenge is Russia’s blatant attempt to overturn the post-World War II order in Europe. Handling this crisis will require innovative thinking from our alliance. Our goal should never be to needlessly antagonize Russia, but rather to ensure our efforts to strengthen Ukraine and rollback Russian aggression are coupled with a forward-looking agenda for Russia’s own future.

The Domestic Policy section of this report has ten sub-categories.  One is tax.  Specifically, three points are awarded for replacing the tax code with a flat income or consumption tax.  One point is awarded for promises to dramatically simplify the code.  I have no doubt Carson is in favor of this thinking, yet he fails to tell us what he wants to do.  So this is his score on the tax sub-category in Domestic Policy: 0.
We need wholesale tax reform.

We need a fairer, simpler, and more equitable tax system. Our tax form should be able to be completed in less than 15 minutes. This will enable us to end the IRS as we know it.

I have never heard anyone speak more clearly on pro-life matters than Gov. Huckabee.  His website tells us what he has done in the past on this issue, yet he fails to present a plan or make a promise for what he'll do as president.  Huckabee's score on Life: 0.
As Governor, I promoted and signed a fetal protection act. I imposed a ban on partial birth abortion, established waiting periods, created parental notification requirements, and passed a bill so mothers who brought a newborn to a hospital or fire station would not be prosecuted for child abandonment.


The ranking criteria and data is posted in this report.
Report #1

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