Saturday, August 01, 2015

GOP Rankings - August 1 Report

Our first ranking of the GOP candidates:

Here is the primary data.  Remember, the domestic policy score is calculated from eleven sub-categories.

It appears Trump and Fiorina placed higher for two reasons: 1) executive experience, and 2) they appear to be directing their attacks mostly at Democrats rather than their fellow GOP candidates.

Nearly all candidates are MIA in the domestic policy area.  Two reasons: 1) my domestic policy criteria is far tougher than any other ranking system, and 2) it is still early and most have not weighed-in on the topics.  Two notable exceptions are Rand Paul and Marco Rubio who have already posted some specific policy goals on their websites.

Here are the updated rules that I'm following (PDF).  Be sure to review before offering suggestions or criticism. 

This report was as objective as I could make it, based on my personal criteria.  My preferred candidate has a poor showing, which should be proof enough I'm not pushing any agenda other than mathematically ranking candidates on their conservatism.

Here is my review of the candidate's websites from yesterday.

The next Report will be posted August 15th.

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