Saturday, August 29, 2015

GOP Candidate Website Review #3

Disappointing.  Again.

Only one candidate has updated his Issues page on his website in the past two weeks.

The scores above are the average of two numbers:
1) Issues Tab?  If yes, then 3.  If no, then 0.  And,
2) A ranking of the promises on the Issues Page.  3 = Specific promises.  2 = Some promises.  1 = A promise, or strong position stated.  0 = No promises or no Issues page.

Trump added an Positions page to his website.  It has only one issue: Immigration.  Do you know his position on Education, China, Energy, or Health Care?

Neither do I.

For six months now only four candidates have met, not set, a standard for an Issues page:  Perry, Rubio, Huckabee and Paul.  The other twelve don't have an Issues page, or have an Issue link that takes the poor reader to a bunch of noise.

Maybe I'm 'old school,' but when I click a presidential candidate's Issues link, the first word I want to see is "I".  As in, "I will repeal ObamaCare," or "I will deploy anti-ballistic missiles in Poland."  Instead, most of these guys want to tell you a story about how we got here, or what they did somewhere else.

Like I said above, disappointing.

I can think of five reasons why Bush, Cruz, Fiorina, Kasich, Pataki, and Walker do not have Issues links, and why Christie, Graham, Santorum have mediocre Issues pages.
1) They are afraid to take a stand on an issue and lose donations because of it,
2) They think of the website as only a tool to collect donations, and expect us to go search YouTube and Google to find their campaign promises,
3) They are incompetent managers overwhelmed with the demands of the campaign,
4) They are trying the Obama strategy of letting the voters assume the candidate’s positions, or
5) They have no position on anything other than to be President.
I am preparing the third GOP Rankings Report.  Be sure to check back on Tuesday.


I decided to share this review with the candidates.  But only six candidates of the sixteen share an email address on their website:

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