Sunday, August 02, 2015

Guest Post from Cakes

Comrade Cakes, a hat owner, gave me permission to repost her FB message from two days ago. 

It was inspired by this left-right tweet exchange.

Dear Jewish friends (and those who care about Jews),

This is long, but very important to read. I know I posted this last night, but I only realized this am the true significance of this tweet and response, and I feel compelled to share my observations. It represents the state of American Jewry today. One one hand, here is a tweet from Silverman, who likes to declare her "Judaism" when it is politically or comically expedient for her to do so. She throws her Jewish identity out to audiences in order 'normalize' her truly unJewish beliefs like justifying the murder of babies for body parts research (is this in the Torah or the Talmud? Does Judaism love life or justify murder?) or her leftist ideology that favors oppression of any group - religious, race, ideological - by big government of ANY kind PROVEN throughout history, that the more government control, the more tragedy for those governed and for Jews especially. Then there is the response to her tweet made by a young Jewish man who gets it. He lives his Judaism as opposed to just using it as a qualifier to make his point seem valid because a Jew made it. 

Unfortunately today, there are more of the American Jewry like Silverman rather than Ben and it is KILLING the Jewish community. It is NOT the lack of tushies in the seats of synagogues on Friday nights or Saturday mornings, it is the pervasive leftism that is KILLING us. It is the declaration of being Jewish ( also referred to as having kishkes) as opposed to living under Jewish commandments (you know the ten) that is causing the slow suicide of Jews. It is this statist ideology disguised as charity and doing good (a Jewish teaching) that has infected our community like a fatal disease. BUT, government 'charity' is fake. It does not truly help the people it purports to help. It enslaves them. It creates the ability for decent people to excuse the death of innocents. It redefines morals. It creates oppression of one group in order to do good for another. It relieves the individual of doing charitable things simply because they support govt charity to do it for them. It is not a debatable point, it is fact, proven over and over again since the beginning of time. 

The question is, will those like Ben, the resistance if you will, grow in number and voice, or will those like Silverman, the disease, take over the American Jewish body and kill it once and for all?

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